About De'Nicea

Heeeey - what a pleasure to meet you!

Who is De’Nicea? 


So glad your curiosity was piqued and I can tickle your fancy a wee bit.

I’ll let you in on some of what got me to what you see today. 

I’m that kind of person who questioned everything…everything!

It would be squashed at times by others around me. The questioning wasn’t so much to undermine anyone but really from a place of genuine curiosity…of wanting to learn more and to understand.

You could even say I didn’t necessarily just take something for what I saw. I would feel like there was something more to it. There had to be, because why else would it be showing up or happening?

I began seeing people and events in my life from this lens a long time ago. Connecting experiences, drawing learning lessons from them. Something would happen, like a lump found in my breast as a teen, and after initial freak-out, I began asking what is there to learn and to use about this experience? 

Accepting pain and not being “productive” in life during my menstrual cycle until I learned better while in grad school, led me to asking, “why?” again. What is there to this experience?

The itchiness, redness and heat while driving to work some days. Once I stepped outside of it, I asked again, “what is this about?”

With each of these scenarios, there’s something I didn’t realize I was doing: I would step outside of the symptoms. They didn’t own me. I was experiencing them. This was liberating, because it invited me to see what was happening in a different light, learn from it and grow.

The lump led me to learning that I was over-nurturing in ways to others while accepting whatever was given to me or told of me to do in terms of my health without questioning it (this is where birth control came in.)

The pain in my cycle was due to not acknowledging where I was overworking myself, feeling conflicted at times or feeling stuck. Also, realizing there was a connection to the way I was eating, finding some way to soothe myself of stress.

The itchiness, redness and heat feelings? Oh that was about preparing myself to go in for battle in an unhealthy work environment. I was being called to learn tools to stand up for myself and realize it wasn’t being confrontational, but implementing boundaries.

From all of these, there was something I learned and that was about how much things could change once stepping outside of the physical, mental and emotional symptoms to see what else was behind it.

Doing this repeatedly has helped me grow tremendously. Feeling stronger and stronger as I see everything from what is this teaching me? How may I grow from this?

From standing behind someone who’s taking “too long” at the register. Can we say this a practice in patience? 

Or even 

Another major thing that stuck out was that because I could see beyond the symptoms, I learned the limitations of believing what others believe.

This comes masked in so many ways and from many people. I learned you don’t have to buy into what they’re saying and allow that to be your life experience. All of these cultures and sub-cultures that are around us. 

I thought everyone did this!

It’s become very clear the way I think and what I believe in other people stands out. (In my world, everyone’s like this!) 

Didn’t really realize this was a gift until going to grad school to study Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine then beginning to practice as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. I decided to specialize in Menstrual and Fertility Health. Was having a blast doing so and then it got to a point where even then I was asking myself, why am I focused so much on this particular aspect when you see there’s more going on and the state of Menstrual Health and Fertility Health are symptoms of something greater.

I believe:

  • People don’t need to be on a hunt of more problems to solve
  • You’re not your condition or disease
  • There are many possibilities out there, be open to them and seek resources - available to all
  • Healing is not a finishline - it is a journey with many intricate layers We’re all connected to one another and the planet