Meet De'Nicea

Heeeey - what a pleasure to meet you!

Who’s this you see today? 

Hi, my name is De’Nicea and I’m a Perfectionist!

*queue everyone: “Hi De’Nicea!”

On a daily, it’s easier and easier to accept ALL of who I am. Not feeling like I have to “recover from,” “fix,” or “release” anything about me. I’ve come to redirect my energy into harnessing all of the aspects that make up who I am AND to learn to be aware of when there may be disharmonies that are stunting my personal and spiritual growth.

Through Grace, I allow myself to grow and evolve.

It all sounds serious (and in some way it is), but really, I do so with PLAY!

Here’s what I learned to get here…

Bringing in a variety of studies to practice as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Spiritualist, Functional Medicine and more, I came to appreciate PLAY. Yes, Play! 

The Play where we’re having fun and laughing doing all these different activities…and you know

what you see when you play? It’s the Potential in Learning About YourSelf! (See that? 🤣)

I learned to lighten up on myself and others. I mean, really, I’m here to enjoy this life and to carry out my Soul’s Purpose…and I’m pretty sure it ain’t supposed to be all stoic giving off the poo-face!

So I’ve come to accept this as my Soul’s Journey – there isn’t a destination. By being Present, I am keen to the messages from any symptoms my Emotional, Mental or Physical Self are sending me. Honestly, some can be uber uncomfortable (like finding a breast lump at 19 years old or anxiety in my 20s or painful periods 😲), but guess what? They’re not mine! 

They’re simply an experience I’m having (and swift kick in the patootie to say something’s not serving my Spirit, Mind and Body to be in alignment) and from this space I open myself to allow my Spirit to speak to me through the different perspectives and possibilities saying, “Yo, D, it’s time! Ready to align a bit more? Well, here’s a lesson for ya!” 🏫📝

Out of all of the lessons, here’s a big one: I learned that much of what I see and was taught was actually supporting a fragmentation or separation of the aspects of me, including trying to fix me. You know the messages:

  • “Here’s the right way to do this.”
  • “You have to look this way to be accepted in this work environment or social group.”
  • “Nobody’s perfect.”

Then, it clicked. Yes, I am a Perfectionist. And, actually…

I’m Perfect.

The word “Perfect” from its origin actually means “complete, full…lacking in no way.” And as a verb: “to bring to full development.” (Shout out to the Online Entymology Dictionary)

Oooo…yes! Head turner, eh? Liberating, I say.

I realized I am complete as I am – lacking in no way and it’s in my responsibility to bring all of me to full development…I’m Perfect.

So what did this realization do for me?

Man, oh man, it did wonders! (Now, I’m sounding like an infomercial!) 

But for real, for real, there’s a level of confidence and acceptance that’s tremendous. I find it Empowering in realizing that I’m unique and that’s all good. Because if I were to be like everyone else, then how will I be able to fulfill the Purpose that is ordained to me?

I feel stronger in redefining the relationship with my whole Body where we’re more connected and that type of awareness is my guiding post when navigating in my Personal Healing Journey. Boundaries are clearer. I’m more comfortable with change. Intuition has grown stronger as I feel that I’m more connected to my Higher Self and to others in the Collective Consciousness.

How may I guide you in your Perfect Journey?

What you’re reading about (you must like it to get this far!) is years of study and practice. My experiences are not by accident. They were perfectly designed and orchestrated to get me to where I’m at.

  • To be here in creating this safe Playful space where I may guide you in connecting what may appear to be fragments in your life, but really are invitations for you to grow, evolve and come into your Wholeness in your very own Perfect Personal Healing Journey.
  • To offer experiences that cultivates and deepens your relationship with your Self so much that you can’t do anything but express it unapologetically!
  • To teach you ways to interpret your Emotional, Mental and Physical symptoms so that you gain clarity in the direction to take to support aligning your Spirit, Mind and Body.

To encourage and inspire you to Be Your Perfectly Authentic Self!

Tools, tips, tricks, hacks, resources – sure, they’re all out there…and it’s a lot of them! 

I’m here to help you see that YOU ARE the head honcho and primary guide post for your growth right here, right now. From WITHIN, you are directed to what serves, adds value and empowers you on the outside.

May I guide you to Embrace, Embody and Express Your Perfect Self?

There Are Many Experiences at the Perfect PLAYGround to Meet You Where You Are and Guide You to Embrace, Embody and Express Your Perfect Self!

Here’s My Mission (and, yes, I choose to accept it!)

To Honor That She’s Perfect: “Whole and Complete” By Creating Playful Healing Spaces for Women to Embrace, Embody and Express Their Perfect Authentic Self.

My Beliefs

I'm Ready to Begin My Perfect Adventure