I’m De’Nicea

What an Honor to Meet You in the Flow-Asis!

I’m De’Nicea

What an Honor to Meet You in the Flow-Asis!

Holistic Period & Fertility Strategist Guiding You To Wholeness Through the Lens of the Menstrual Cycle

First off, I really gotta express my deepest gratitude for you coming over and exploring how I may take part in your journey. Whoever you are, wherever you are, I thank you and am glad we’ve come together.

Exploring Menstrual Health can be really personal and intimate where you may be hesitant in “going there” with someone else (and especially a stranger!) 

So allow me to break the ice a bit and invite you into my journey thus far (I mean, this baby is evolving all the time!) and you’ll come to see why and how it is that I got here to conceptualize Period Bypassing(™) and guide girls, teens and women in this way.

It All Started In School…

Menstrual health and all that comes with it grabbed my attention when I was in grad school studying Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. It’s here where I first learned what a healthy cycle is.

All of the things that I was told and led to believe are “normal” were actually the same symptoms I was to begin looking for as a sign of pathology. Can you believe the shock there?

Taking a look at my own life, I had experience with painful periods where I may not be able to go to work or school and even if I was able to make it to work, I may be sitting there under my desk with a space heater pointed at my Uterus.

During grad school, my lifestyle shifted where I was getting acupuncture done, taking custom herb formulas and tinctures, incorporating Oriental Food Therapy and even beginning Qi Gong practices. I didn’t realize all of that was actually changing the expression of my Cycle until I got to my gynecology section (which was a few semesters into the program.)

Tumor Had Me Like Whoa!

Right after graduation, I had the opportunity to sit for a class on Korean Hand Energetics (it’s a flow-tabulous way to do acupuncture without the needles that I use with women today!) In the class, the instructor shared with us the story of his wife who, unfortunately, passed from a rare breast cancer. The catalyst of this was actually the hormones used for her menopause symptoms. I sat in shock as it “clicked” that my own use of hormonal birth control began the growth of the very same type of rare tumor she had! Thankfully, my intuition said to stop using it before a full year’s use. Otherwise, my course treatment may have gone much worse.

You see, I was a teenager at the end of my first year of college when I discovered a breast lump when doing a self-exam. At that time, I had no clue how this could happen. No one in my family had breast cancer. We were all baffled. And, at the same time, I found comfort in knowing it all happened for a reason.


Now I Start Asking Questions

That reason is in what I do today. Those two major transformational points in my life caused me to ask questions.

Questions like: 

“Why aren’t we taught what is a healthy cycle?”

“Why are we just given birth control without full disclosure of the effects?”

“Why are we just expected to accept whatever is told to us and what to do?”

“What is the benefit to others in not educating about the menstrual cycle from a holistic perspective?”

“What is the harm done to us when not fully informed about our menstrual cycle?”

As you can tell, these are some DEEP questions.

This led me to ask myself, “What can I do?”

Birth of Your Guide

And, here I am…realizing the monumental impact of learning about the Menstrual Cycle from a Holistic Perspective, I’ve become a guide for girls, teens and women to not only learn about her Cycle, but to Embrace and Embody it.

For it is in the Cycle that shows you and is a bridge to your Inner Being. The Inner Being that wants to express itself. The Core You.

Although I stumbled and there were pieces of inspiration along the way, I feel liberated in having access to this information and to myself. Honoring that this is my unique Cycle and my journey.

It is empowering to realize what power I have through learning about my Menstrual Cycle and activating the potency of syncing with it – I feel more Whole.

There’s a sense of confidence that’s grown. A sense of clarity about needs and desires. There’s a celebration of the image and expression of myself. And you can have this, too!

This is something I’m beyond excited and humbled to be able to hold this space for this evolution of You to occur.

Whether it’s an unfavorable experience with your Cycle or challenges with fertility or your desire to come to your Wholeness that’s called your attention to take action, I’m happy you’re here.

I’d love to guide you in this phase of your journey and there are different ways in doing so. So, explore the site and let’s chat if you’re seeking some guidance into what may be a better option for you.

In whatever way you choose to move forward, I applaud you for taking Flow-Spired Action and send you many Blessings in your journey!

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