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Explore the Potential in Learning About Yourself - P.L.A.Y.!

Here are the classes you’re excited to come to!

This is the type of learning that you’ll see in your life. You’ll experience what you’re learning through playful experiences, while being guided in implementation strategies that you’ll combine with your intuitive knowing so that it fits just right for you (It just happens like magic!)

Were you one of those in school that would think, “I’m not gonna use this – why do I have to learn it?”

Or “I’m not even sure if I really get it because I’d have to use it or apply it.”

At the I Am Perfect! Academy, we got you covered.

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App-Edu-Taining Courses

Courses Created for Easy Implementation and Change

In any of the courses available to you in the I Am Perfect Academy, you’re in for a treat! Be ready to go along with the course flow itself. Trust your guide, De’Nicea, as she takes you on journeys exploring the messages coming from the Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical Self inviting your Perfect Authentic Self to BE – and you’ll see the shifts in your Holistic Health, Well-Being and Leadership.

Courses for the Academy are designed to be “app-edu-taining” (yeap, totally made that up!) where concepts are:

  • Applicable
  • Educational
  • Entertaining

Enrolling in a course in the Academy is an investment into your personal, leadership and spiritual development. This means, by taking part in the activities and being present with the material, you’ll be transformed into the next version of your Self that brings you closer to harmonizing your health holistically, as well as to Being your Perfect Authentic Self.

Enroll in Courses On Their Own or Join the I Am Perfect! Academy for additional learning and implementation support.

Academy Member Benefits

Micro-Learning, Mega-impact

How will you do this and live your everyday life? Seamlessly! That’s a part of the “app-edu-taining” process! It’s all about the small steps that make a big ripple effect difference.

Courses with micro-steps are designed for you to holistically experience the transformation creating new brain pathways in a way that invites your Whole Self to be involved – Spirit, Mind and Body.

Be present at each step in the course actively participating in the activities, forming your own impressions.

Then allow me to guide you in further integrating the lessons showing you how it more deeply applies in your life supporting your journey in exploring and aligning the holistic aspects involved in your Holistic Health, Well-Being and Leadership – your Perfect Authentic Self!

Pleasure to Meet You!

I'm De'Nicea Hilton Harper

Your Host and Teacher of the I Am Perfect! Academy at The Perfect PlayGround 

While practicing as a Doctor of Eastern Medicine and Holistic Well-Being Consultant, I saw a link between the physical conditions women were experiencing and the lack of awareness and expression of the Authentic Self.

This sparked the idea to create Playful and Practical Healing Spaces for Women to Intentionally Design Her Life for her Perfect Authentic Self to shine – all while improving her Holistic Health experiences.

And, with the Academy, I get to teach you about these aspects playing a role – activating the shifts for you to call on whenever you need to!

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What Courses Are Calling You?

Check out this library (and it’s growing!) of Holistic Health, Well-Being and Leadership courses.

Each are available to enroll in on its own – or join the I Am Perfect! Academy and supercharge your ‘app-edu-taining’ study and Being Journey with Special Pricing for Select Courses, Invitation to Office Study Hours, Access to Live Trainings for New Courses and Private Chat Community.


Co-Create Your Perfect Day



Date Your Cycle


Fashion Woman at Sunset

Design Your Perfect Day Aligned with Your Elemental Leadership






Playing with Meditation


Fashion Woman at Sunset

Creating an Perfect Tea Ritual


Join the Academy and get immediate access to your special pricing, dates for office hours and chat community.

Bet you’re thinking, “Oooo…now this sounds play-tastic!” (Okay, well maybe not the actual word ‘play-tastic’ 🤣 ) And then you may be wondering, “What happens when I join?” Well, keep reading…

What Happens When You Join?

When you choose to join the I Am Perfect! Academy, you’ll be welcomed with a lil’ video message from yours truly, then you’ll see the sections easily laid out for you to grab your special codes for when you enroll in courses, schedule to attend office hours and even get started in the chat community to meet a study buddy.

It’s highly encouraged to print any applicable PlayBooks, even have designated folders and journal for the Academy on hand, too, for you to write notes, do activities, etc.

Yes, write! Writing is shown to improve intention and encourage brain modeling to physically integrate what you’re learning mentally.

You've Got Options (and Possible Prize!) to Complete Your Courses

You’ll see that you can access courses on desktop and with The Perfect PlayGround app that’s available on Google Play and Apple stores.

And to encourage you even more as you embark on these journeys, every course is equipped with a chance to be entered for monthly giveaway!

Developing YourSelf Supports Another

As a collective, you get to vote for non-profit organizations to receive a donation or pool together to support another woman to gain access to Courses in the Academy. (And you can even recommend organizations you love.)

So you see…it’s another way you’ll get to impart your gift to someone else, just by BEing more of you!

What Happens at the PlayGround Stays at the PlayGround!

The I Am Perfect! Academy is housed at The Perfect PlayGround – a sanctuary for your Perfect Authentic Self to shine. To do so, it’s an Environment infused with the intention be that safe, non-judgmental and open space for you to be comfortable, which makes it easier for you to integrate what you’re learning.

Everyone who comes in agrees to upholding this for herself and for others in their Journey.

Ready to Learn, Play, Be?

Get started today to playfully explore the aspects of your Holistic Health, Well-Being and Leadership - just by Being your Perfect Authentic Self.