I Am Perfect! Academy

Play Your Way to Peace and Confidence By
Embracing, Embodying and Expressing Your
Perfect Authentic Self at The Perfect PlayGround

Your Holistic Healing Journey is yours and yours alone
BUT you don't have to be lonely!

The Perfect PlayGround is designed to be the foundation and hub to support you in your Evolution as you Embrace, Embody and Express Your Perfect Authentic Self! 

While you’re taking part in and playin’ around with the activities presented to you throughout the month, you may desire some more connection and insight from De’Nicea.

That’s where the I Am Perfect! Academy comes in.

Here’s more info about what it’s about. You’re invited to join – would love to facilitate you adding a bit more personal touch to your experience here with the PlayGroup Consultings.

Join the Academy

For Group Consulting with De'Nicea

PlayGroup Consulting Explained

When you join The I Am Perfect! Academy, you automatically become a member of The Perfect PlayGround – I mean, heeey, that’s where it’s housed after all! (More deets about The Perfect PlayGround here/below.)

So, on top of your Being in the Perfect PlayGround, you’re invited to join the PlayGroup Consulting sessions, which is your spot to take what you’ve been experiencing on the PlayGround and what’s been happenin’ in life to be in an intimate gathering to share, learn more and have the encouragement you’re looking for.

In the PlayGroups, there’s some fluidity within a structureNo two PlayGroups are the same. As we come together, open yourself to what’s drawing your attention at that time and in this phase where you may need some support.

Beauty of the PlayGroups

Those Who Play Together, GrowTogether!

Think of the PlayGroups as your chance to deepen your relationship with Yourself with direct guidance from De’Nicea, stronger support from other women in a Guided intimate setting.

Your PlayGroup Consulting Guided Experience includes:

Ready to Join the I Am Perfect Academy?

Choose Your Membership Rate

Begin your Membership with a Two (2) Week Trial!

You begin your trial now and IF you wanna stay (I believe you just might!), then you’ll be charged at your chosen Membership Rate.

Yes, you red that right – you get to CHOOSE your Membership Rate! (Need some guidance in choosing which rate to go with? Check out the Guidelines below.)

Why Do You Get To Choose Your Rate?

Yes, you have options to choose your Membership into the Academy. I acknowledge the value of having access to Healing and Well-being tools and we may be in places where we could use it the most and the only hindrance is financial resources.

My part to assist to alleviate this hindrance is to offer levels. As a supportive group, I feel it all balances out in some way and Spirit shall provide. 

If you really feel like you could use the access to the Academy and for right now, you need to contribute another amount (even if it’s $1), please reach out to me and I’ll get you set up.

Your circumstances can change at any time where you may have more or less financial resources, so if you need to change your Membership rate, let me know and I’ll get you set up.

If you’re wondering what’s the rate for you, I’ve included some guidelines to consider below.

This One For You?

$ 33 Monthly
  • Begins after 14 days trial
  • *Can cancel at anytime

This One For You?

$ 55 Monthly
  • Begins after 14 days trial
  • *Can cancel at anytime

This One For You?

$ 88 Monthly
  • Begins after 14 days trial
  • *Can cancel at anytime

(Need some guidance in choosing which rate to go with? Check out the Guidelines below.)

Serious Healing Doesn't Have To Be So Serious!
When you join the Academy, you join the PlayGround, too.

About The Perfect PlayGround

Founded and guided by Holistic Well-Being Consultant and Doctor of Eastern Medicine, De’Nicea Hilton Harper, the Perfect PlayGround is your spot where women come to meet other women who’re in a place of exploring their Holistic Healing and the meaning behind their experience so that you may live life Authentically and Peacefully.

What? A PlayGround for Holistic Healing?! Yassss!

While you may be in a community of others, you’re held in a Safe, Non-Judgmental Space that Honors and Respects YOU and that this is YOUR Personal Journey.

We’re aware that there’s some serious healing happening, and at the same time, it doesn’t have to be so serious. This is where you get to PLAY along the way!

At the Perfect PlayGround, you'll experience a variety of activities designed to:

Your Healing is a Journey...Not a Destination

Expand in your Holistic Healing Journey with PLAY

It's Alive!

PlayGround Dynamics

The Perfect PlayGround is a living, breathing space that changes as De’Nicea sees what’s desired and could be supported. As an eco-system, Giving and Receiving are happening simultaneously. Your actively taking part in the activities and sharing feed-forward is what’ll be facilitating YOUR Evolution aaaaaand the PlayGround’s.

Your Body, Your Soul's BFF

Journey into Embodiment through Play gaining understanding of what your Body’s telling you on behalf of your Soul, where you see nothing’s “wrong with you” or “broken.” You’ll experience a more expansive relationship with your Body – one of Trust, Openness and Honor.

Tools to Re-Source

De’Nicea bridges various modalities to present different tools that’re available to support you in your making way for your Authentic Self to express itself (can we say, “Peek a Boo! I See You!”)

Your Time and Energy at the PlayGround

You’re living your life every day, so on the PlayGround, there’s no “being behind” or “catching up” or “rushing” – the activities and space are here for you and what calls you will be appropriate and Divine for THAT time. And if you’re desiring to allocate more energy to what’s being offered here and need some creativity on how you can make it happen, that’s what we’re here for!

Confidence and Peace By Being Who You Are at The Perfect PlayGround!

Bet you’re thinking, “Oooo…now this sounds play-tastic!” (Okay, well maybe not the actual word ‘play-tastic’ 🤣 ) And then you may be wondering, “what would you be a part of and get to experience when you come to the Perfect PlayGround?” Keep reading…

What Happens When You Join?

When you decide to join The Perfect PlayGround, you’ll be directed to the Mighty Networks platform that houses the Perfect PlayGround. This makes it easy for you to download the app and easily navigate all the parts available to you! So be sure to review your Personal Settings, complete bio and more once you’re there!

No worries on remembering all of this. because you’ll see a Welcome Section with info for you, such as how to set up notifications so you get the ones you’d like to see, see the Calendar O’Play, breakdown of the Topics and their intentions on the PlayGround and learn more about your Guide – De’Nicea (heeeeey, that’s me!)

What Happens at the PlayGround Stays at the PlayGround!


Playful Activities

Easy-to-implement Experiences and experiments to foster holistic healing on many levels


Perfect Circle Party

guided Monthly celebration of what makes you whole and complete - Perfect!

Fashion Woman at Sunset

Special Events

invitations to live playful, experiential virtual events for focused holistic healing

You're Invited! Welcome Party

When you come to the Perfect PlayGround, you’ll see the Welcome Section (as described above) to get you started.

Aaaand…every month, De’Nicea hosts a Welcome Party (check the Events section to RSVP for the next one!) where she goes into more detail about the Experiences and Activities, as well as answer any questions about navigating your way on the PlayGround that meets you where you’re at and offer tips on how to use what’s available to support you in your Holistic Healing Journey.

What’s even more, you get to meet other women who’re also experiencing Holistic Healing in their own way and holding space for while rooting you on!

Pleasure to Meet You!

Heeey! I’m your Host and Creator of The Perfect PlayGround, De’Nicea Hilton Harper. 

While practicing as a Holistic Well-Being Consultant and Doctor of Eastern Medicine, I saw a link between the physical conditions women were experiencing and the lack of awareness and expression of the inner Self.

This sparked the idea to create Playful Healing Spaces for Women to Embrace, Embody and Express Her Perfect Authentic Self as a way of improving Women’s health experiences.

She does this by guiding women online to use PLAY to realize their potential by experiencing “Serious Healing That Doesn’t Have to be So Serious.”

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Guidelines to Consider When Selecting Your Rate

Please consider these as “guidelines,” they’re not hard and steadfast. These are simply to present circumstances that tend to impact most when making choices to include Healing and Well-Being tools in their life.

  • Are able pay for services with your HSA/Benny card, or reimbursed by your medical insurance
  • Are comfortably able to meet your basic needs (i.e. food, clothing, shelter and transportation)
  • Own the home you live in or rent a higher-end property
  • Have investments, inherited money, and/or access to financial savings
  • Have expendable income (i.e. able to dine out, get hair/nails done, go to movies/spa/etc, buy books, spiritual resources, or new clothing/accessories at regular intervals)
  • Have a relatively high degree of earning power (due to level of education, gender, race privilege, class background, etc.)
  • Own or lease a car
  • Have some debt, but it does not impact your quality of life
  • Have access to health care
  • Are able to miss work for travel, leisure, or health- without impacting your ability to meet your basic needs
  • Can take a vacation every year or every few years without financial burden
  • Have daily reliable transportation
  • Are able to travel or take off work when needed for an unexpected occasion (such as a family emergency)
  • Could not participate in the class or service without financial support
  • Frequently stress about meeting your basic needs, and are not always able to
  • Have significant debt that impacts your ability to meet your basic needs or impacts your quality of life
  • Are unable to take off of work without impacting your ability to meet your basic needs
  • Have unreliable transportation (ie. not always able to afford gas or public transit)
  • You qualify for public assistance 
  • Have no or limited expendable income or savings

*Basic needs = food, housing, transportation

Which Do You Choose?

Begin your Membership with a Two (2) Week Trial!

This One For You?

$ 33 Monthly
  • Begins after 14 days trial
  • *Can cancel at anytime

This One For You?

$ 55 Monthly
  • Begins after 14 days trial
  • *Can cancel at anytime

This One For You?

$ 88 Monthly
  • Begins after 14 days trial
  • *Can cancel at anytime

Ready to Play?

Get ready to expand in your Holistic Healing by coming to the PlayGroup Consultings guided by De'Nicea and connected with other Women witnessing, welcoming and celebrating who you are - your Perfect Authentic Self!