Perfect Micro Book Club

Monthly play-versations about short length
books that have mega impact in your Holistic Healing

Oooo…it’s something so comforting curling up with a good book…

Let's Read and Chat for Healing!

To have an impact, it doesn’t matter the length of the book.

This is a special feature of the Perfect Micro Book Club – monthly book selections are ones that are on the shorter side, yet pack a wollop when it comes to shifts in perspective. 

Guided by De’Nicea Hilton Harper,  Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Holistic Well-Being Consultant, guides you in a play-versation expanding your perspective and application of the book in your Holistic Healing Journey.

You’ll be in play-tabulous company with other women who have a similar intention as you: desiring to learn ways that foster her expansion in healing addressing Spirit, Emotions, Mental, Physical and Environment.

We’ll meet monthly for these play-versations…just enough time to read these micro books!

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What's happening at the Perfect Micro Book Club
What a pleasure to meet you!

Hiya, I'm De'Nicea

I see you! For real, for real, YOU – the woman who’s desiring someone that acknowledges her healing path needs a personalized, HOLISTIC approach. The woman who says, “teach me so I can apply it myself.” The woman who’s writing a different story for her healing knowing what’s happened for her family doesn’t have to be for her.

Told ya, I see you! Looking beyond the symptoms and conditions to learn their messages – bridging the physical experience with the psycho-spiritual and emotional Self, I guide women like you to aligning to your Perfect Authentic Self (and Holistically Harmonizing Hormones!)

A Holistic Well-Being Consultant and Doctor of Oriental Medicine (with a twist!), in playful healing spaces, I tap into the magic of the Five Elements to see connections of you as a Whole Person and paving the way for the Soul’s expression, whippin’ out tools such as herbs, essences, acu-therapy, meditation, food therapy, embodiment, mindfulness, supplements, functional medicine and more to support you in your Personal Healing Journey. It’s an honor to join you!

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These play-versations are meant to have a laid-back convo about your holistic healing and well-being through the lens of books. And, at the same time, here’s a

Special note about the Book Club

Perfect Micro Book Club play-versations are not to be misconstrued as medical advice and are for educational and entertainment purposes only. Your participation in Perfect Micro Book Club does NOT mean you’ve become a patient of De’Nicea’s or Hilton Holistic Health and Wellness. There is no assessment or diagnosis made, and you’re encouraged to speak with your healthcare provider about anything you’re looking for (Yes, De’Nicea can become your Consultant and provider in certain cases – feel free to ask about it!)

Get your book for book club and support independent bookstores

Shop Books of Perfect(ion)

Books of Perfect(ion) is named where you’ll be offered curated books that support you Being your Whole and Complete Self…Perfect (that’s the root meaning after all!)

The “ion” at the end is paying homage to the fact that we’re ionic Beings exuding energy that’s always sending messages of what to attract and what to push away.

Books are a beautiful way to gain knowledge and awareness, while also allowing the imagination to flourish.

They’re a wonderful tool to use when delving in to the world of Holistic Healing. You appreciate the breadth of books out there that introduce you to a wide variety of perspectives and insight into healing Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally, Physically and Environmentally.

In the Book Lists section, you’ll be introduced to books that’ve been personally curated by De’Nicea that’ll support your Holistic Healing.

Intention of this shop: may the books that come your way support your Personal Holistic Healing Journey – or they be repelled.

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