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Possibilities Call

Oooo….thank you! I mean it…thank YOU for considering me in facilitating your Rockin’ Your Perfection in Alignment with Your Spirit, Mind and Body! Most of all, you get to PLAY! 😉

It’s such an honor. 🙏

If you’re here, some symptom or condition may be grabbing your attention right now and you’ve become curious about what this means for you in healing, and how you can harness your Power of Perfection to help.

You’re thinking, there’s more to this than meets the eye – and you’re so right!

You may have an idea of WHAT you’d like some help with but unsure of HOW to get there. This is what a consultation is all about!

Ideally, consultations are held via video conferencing (using Zoom) so we can really connect, you know? If that’s not possible, phone is just fine!

During our 15 minutes call together, you’ll share with me:

  • What your Ideals and Vision are
  • What you’ve done so far
  • What isn’t working out so well
  • What you feel is missing that you’d like to have
  • When are you looking to move forward on your decision

And, I’ll:

  • Ask some clarifying questions to better understand what’s going on for you
  • Let you know if I can help you (full disclosure: not everything is in my wheelhouse!)
  • Present option(s) that meet you where you are (and may push you a bit) to get to where you’d like to be

Towards the end, the call could go 1 of 2 ways:

  1. We get you signed up and started in one of the programs that’s the best fit for you right then and there!
  2. We set up a time to see what your decision is (no pressure on what you decide, we just need to be clear on what the decision is)

Things to expect:

  • Gain a new perspective of your journey and experience so far
  • Comfort and feeling safe in someone listening to and understanding of your journey and experience so far
  • Clarity on what you’re actually seeking help with
  • Options of paths for you to select from to move forward towards your Ideals and Vision, if we’re a fit

Things not to expect:

  • Herbs and supplement recommendations
  • Treatment or care plans

If this all sounds good to you, then go ahead and complete the form below. I’ll get in contact with you to set up a time for our Play Date!