Playful Healing Experiences

Oooo...look at you…you’re here on this page…

So that must mean you’re pumped and ready to Claim your Perfection aligning Your Spirit, Mind and Body!

Let’s do it!

In any of the Experiences, you’re invited to a warm, welcoming and safe space where you are encouraged to own ALL of who you are – that’s Whole and Complete, Perfect!

You’ll learn how to interpret those messages you’re getting from your Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical Self where you’re not only aware but confident to express your authentic Self.

And, let me tell ya, this is all possible through Play!

Beliefs and Intentions in Every Experience on the PlayGround

So which adventure do you choose?

I Am Perfect! Academy
Courses with easy-to-implement action steps that encourage you to Embrace, Embody and Express your Perfect Authentic Self - and Holistically Harmonize your Hormones! Each course comes with access to Office Hours.
holistic healing plan in a day - GROuP VIP DAY
In a day, create a Holistic Healing Plan that's tailored to you and your Elemental Makeup. Within a group, you'll get personal attention and begin to implement your plan the same day.
UnSlumber Party!
Day Retreats
Retreat to Awaken! During these Retreats, you'll embark on an adventure where you're invited to playfully explore concepts that support you in Claiming Your Perfect Perfect Authentic Self (and Harmonizing Hormones!)