Free Flow

Free Flow

Hey you!

This is where you can get your Free Flow on where you’ll get some insight, tips and access flow-versations about Period Bypassing™, Holistic Menstrual Health, Fertility and more.

In this resource-filled section, allow me to help you become aware and transcend Period Bypassing™ through thought-provoking flow-versations filled with Inspired Action Steps.

 Also, increase your Menstrual Health (and Fertility Health for those of you trying to expand your family) by learning about and guiding you into Embracing and Embodying your Menstrual Cycle.

My Gifts to You:

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Period Bypassing™ Podcast

Stream anywhere to expand on the concept and impact of Period Bypassing™, as well as hear guests of the Flow-asis share their experience, perspective and solutions to transcending Period Bypassing™

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Flow-liciously Yours Blog

Read love notes written by De’Nicea to you. These notes come from a mix of the Mind, Heart and Uterus giving just what you need to inspire and encourage you in Educating, Embracing and Embodying Holistic Menstrual Health


Period Bypassing™ Online Summit

Watch flow-versations with a variety of guests who share their experience of Period Bypassing™, how that’s shaped them to be who they are today for their own betterment and good for others.


Cycle Syncing Checklist

Get the comprehensive checklist of what you want to be tracking to become more in tune with yourself and begin to listen to the messages your Cycle is telling you about your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health.


Notes From Inside the Flow-asis

Notice of scholarships for mentorship or events, invitations to participate in surveys and focus groups and get updates about other happenin’s in the Flow-asis with events, podcast, blog, guest appearances and offerings to educate about Period Bypassing™ and support your Holistic Menstrual Health are sent right to your email.

Enjoy, share and comment where you can! Would love to hear from you about what you like and would like to see more of.

Flow-liciously yours,