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Thanks for joining me on a recent podcast, event you attended or giveaway you entered! 

Aaaand, kudos to you for taking Inspired Action to Rock Your Perfection in Alignment with Your Spirit, Mind and Body as a member of the Re-Creation Center!

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After One (1) Month, you will be charged at the regular monthly fee of $55/month. You can cancel at anytime.

Experiential monthly activities designed to use your Perfectionism as your Superpower to support you in experiencing life in the way you’re meant to – Spirit, Mind and Body aligned together.

Learn about the cues from your Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical Health that let you know when you’re not using your Perfectionism appropriately and are invitations for you to grow with different themes for activities, workshops and events.

Experience P. L . A . Y . daily

(and, yes, even with your “busy” schedule!)

Equip yourself with insights, inspiration and tips that encourage YOU to be your #1 Resource for your Healing Potential.

Dubbed the Re-Creation Center because it is space where all is perfect and you embrace the Creator in You! You’re actively creating every day, whether it’s unconscious or conscious…it’s happening. Your body is changing all the time, so why not incorporate something that’ll guide you in setting up the environment that’s conducive to what you’d like to create?

Give you tools and tips that you can use whenever anything Spiritual, Emotional, Mental or Physical comes up. 

You’re repeatedly creating…hence the name “Re-Creation!”

In the Re-Creation Center, there’s only one rule - just one. It’s that you

R . E . C . R . E . A . T . E . ...

Agree with the rule? Can you do it? Yes? Yesssss! Knew you, let’s do it!

Your Monthly Themed Experience in the Re-Creation Center:

As you can see, your membership meets you wherever you are right now in your Personal Healing Journey and gives you guidance in seeing how you’re your #1 resource in aligning your Spirit, Mind and Body for optimal healing!

Be more involved in your own exploration of your Personal Healing Journey. 

You’re the type that likes to “go deep” and have the opportunity to spend time with me and others in a virtual group setting to share what’s going on in integrating the monthly theme, get more support in strategizing ways to implement and be surrounded and held by others (aka accountability) who believe in what you believe – that you’re on a path of embracing your Perfectionism as you align your Spirit, Mind and Body.

Every Month, You Get:

$0 for One (1) Month, then $55/mo.**

*Recordings will be available
**Prices subject to change without notice

Those that P.L.A.Y. together, Grow together!

See you in the Re-Creation Center!