Holistically Explore and Harmonize Your Cycle in 4 Months

Harmonize Your Cycle Group Experience

Experience Begins Sunday, January 8, 2022!

You're Invited!

You’re invited to go on an exploration of your Menstrual Cycle – one where you’re getting to know the different ways your hormones are speaking with you…kinda like they’re on phone company.

This is a time to go beyond tracking the active bleeding dates and think that that’s all there is to understanding your hormonal dance that’s happening every day!

The hormonal dance is really a culmination of many steps responding and directing a lot of your whole Being functions – I mean, the way you think, your emotions, the physical body…they’re all interconnected and your hormones are the primary communicators.

You’ve Tracked, Now What?

Thanks to an amazing sponsorship, participants in this group will receive a well-rounded supplement protocol to use throughout the Experience. After getting a baseline of observations of your cycle, you’ll observe the changes to your Cycle (and more!) when you start using this protocol that’s designed to address stagnation, improper hormone communication, pain and inflammation.

You finally realized what’s really playing a role in your hormonal well-being and become more attuned into your Self – that’s grown a deeper love and appreciation for who you are.

During the Harmonizing Your Menstrual Cycle Group Experience, you’ll:

From this experience, you'll be equipped with a tool you can use over and over again when you're seeking clarity and direction in your Holistic Health and Well-Being (using the signs and symptoms as your messengers!)
You’ll even see that the messages are insight and guidance asking you to align to your Perfect Authentic Self – bridging the Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical aspects coming together for your Soul’s Evolution!

What's Up with my Hormones?

Hormones are in a constant state of reading the Environment -coming from the outside and the inside of you. They’re master communicators constantly changing and they’re always looking out for you to create a state that’s to support you to keep going (hence, why there’s no ‘balancing’ hormones!)

While they have the best intentions, sometimes what you feel and experience in the form of symptoms and conditions, it may not be the most comfortable or desirable. In the Harmonizing Your Menstrual Cycle Experience, we explore these symptoms and conditions that may be present for you and how to shift into seeing them as messages of where you may need to adjust in your lifestyle.

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A Different View...

(Your Experience of signs and Symptoms are more than you think)
You’ll see that the messages are insight and guidance asking you to align to your Perfect Authentic Self – bridging the Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical aspects coming together for your Soul’s Evolution!

The Harmonizing Your Menstrual Cycle Group Experience is sponsored and we’re looking for a particular set of signs and symptoms to observe and report findings in a case study. Do any of these ring true for you?


Then You Might Qualify!

Group Experience Details

What you receive

By participating in the Group Experience, you’ll get:

*Must be in the United States.

What’s Your Role in the Group Experience?

Glad you asked! The Group Experience begins January 8, 2023 and accepting on a rolling basis until filled.

To get as thorough of information as possible to show the difference in signs and symptoms displayed after beginning the supplement protocol AND to get some personalized guidance from De’Nicea, you’re asked to:

*Special note about the supplements:

One product is a hemp product that contains CBD and Farm Bill-compliant amounts of THC. Please be aware of this if you are tested, for example by an employer.

Special note about your information:

This special group program is sponsored and as a participant, information about your menstrual cycle and changes will be reported as a case study to the sponsor. Your responses will be confidential and no personally identifying information with your personal health information (PHI) will be shared, other than your mailing address so products can be sent directly to you from the sponsoring company.

About Live Group Sessions

Each session is tentatively scheduled to be up to one (1) hour long, where the floor is open for any questions you may have regarding what you’re experiencing. This is where De’Nicea may offer some insight and guidance based on your observations for your Holistic Health and Well-Being.

We meet once a month for a total of four (4) sessions.

You’ll see the scheduled sessions within the portal and can confirm attendance for each session.

Session dates are scheduled for 11am EST on:

  • Sunday, January 8, 2023
  • Sunday, February 5, 2023
  • Sunday, March 5, 2023
  • Sunday, April 2, 2023
Are you all in for what’s asked of you during the Group Experience?

Yes, I'm In!

I'm ready to explore the messages of my Menstrual Cycle and observe what happens with a well-rounded supplement protocol designed for hormone harmony

Phases of the Harmonize Your Menstrual Cycle Group Experience

The Holistic Hormone Harmony Experience is divided into phases that build on one another and when put together represents a culmination of what’s involved for you to Embrace, Embody and Express Your Perfect Authentic Self (which affects your hormones!)

Phase 1
Become familiar with your baseline in Phase 1, where you’ll:
Phase 2
Now that you’ve learned what and how to track your Menstrual Cycle holistically and got your collection of observations as your baseline, in Phase 2 you’ll:
What a beautiful web that’s woven within, known as your hormone system. With something as intricate as it is, there’s a call for a more robust and comprehensive understanding of it from a holistic perspective.
Ready to flow through the Phases?

Join the Harmonize Your Menstrual Cycle Group Experience

So, are you ready? Ready to go on a journey where you’ll be primed and ready to go equipped with tools you can whip out at any time as you continue to Grow and Evolve.


Who's Guiding You in Your Experience?


Meet Your Guide, De'Nicea Hilton Harper

Fantabulous to meet ya! I’m De’Nicea Hilton Harper and I get uber jazzed when seeing women’s eyes light up and the ‘aha’ going off when she begins to see the influences affecting her healing and well-being. When learning about the myths, misinformation or no information when it comes to women’s reproductive health, I just had to specialize in it as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Holistic Well-Being Consultant.

By using a blend of modalities building on the Eastern Medicine foundation (like meditation, functional medicine, medical intuition and more) and believing that “serious healing doesn’t have to be so serious,” I create playful healing spaces for women who’re desiring to get to deeper meanings of her Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical health, especially when it comes to hormones, menstrual cycles and fertility. What’s really cool is seeing how women transform into their Perfect Authentic Self (and confidently express it!) while simultaneously witnessing the multi-dimensional healing happen…it’s such an honor to see!

Believing that simply treating someone can only get you so far, for sustainable healing, I incorporate teaching first and foremost so that you understand more and can lean on the one that matters most beyond partnering with me or any other practitioner – Your Self.

I have a gift at seeing how things are connected and explaining it in a way that just ‘clicks.’ This gift comes in handy when I’m working with women holistically (bridging things together) – where things that may not have made sense before, now do.

Women have such profound power and influence that’s just waiting to flow impacting global humanity…and it can be done in a healing way that’s empowering and enlivened…beginning with Embracing, Embodying and Expressing Your Perfect Authentic Self.

Thank you so much for considering me to join you in your Personal Healing Journey – let’s see what magic can be made!

P.S. Personally, I love mixing up recipes for scrumptious meals, have about five books going at the same time and always up for random adventures with family and friends.

Let's Play Together!

Thank you so much for considering me to join your Holistic Healing team.

Questions you may have

Why Is there an application?

We (De’Nicea and sponsoring company) are studying the effects of the supplement protocol on specific types of menstrual cycle presentations. While we know you are unique, there are certain patterns that signs and symptoms show up as and the protocol we’re studying addresses these particular patterns.

With that, there’s an application for you to complete and after review, you’ll be notified if you qualify for this Group Experience.

Why this partnership for study?

While there are many supplements available to support you, De’Nicea believes in investing in products that you’ll see a difference rather quickly…with the intent that you get to remove them because you’re sustaining well.

Over time, there’s one particular company that stood out in achieving this so she reached out to see if there would be a possibility to collaborate on a study.

Naturally, De’Nicea really enjoys studies and wanted to do more research in hopes that this could be an avenue of increasing access to easy-to-use and highly bioavailable supplements across populations.

What’s the enrollment fee and why is there one?

This Group Experience contains parts of paid offerings that De’Nicea regularly enrolls women in who’re seeking to understand their Hormones Holistically and get insight and guidance for their Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical Health.

The sponsoring company is not getting paid for this study and De’Nicea is not getting paid by the sponsoring company.

The enrollment fee represents an exchange where you, as a participant, are getting access to material, services and products otherwise offered at full fee in exchange for allowing De’Nicea to write case studies, which also informs the sponsoring company of any insights in product use and efficacy.

You’ll see a sliding scale (beginning at $100 and space for ‘Other’) in the application so you get to choose what you’re comfortable with offering and investing for the whole Group Experience (no judgment!), should you be accepted to the Group Experience.

After you’re sent acceptance to the Group Experience, an invoice will be sent to you for the selected amount you said you’d be willing to pay to participate.

Submitted payment officially secures your spot in the Group Experience. You’ll have 48 hours to submit payment after the invoice has been sent to you, otherwise the spot will be opened to someone else.

What're accepted forms of payment?

Debit/Credit cards are accepted. Also, some HSA accounts can be used as I’m a practicing Doctor of Oriental Medicine and we review food therapy, wellness and lifestyle options during your experience (sometimes considered consultations for some companies.)

Ready to Join the Harmonizing Your Menstrual Cycle Group Experience?

Would love to join you in your Holistic Healing Journey