Play Your Way to Clarity and Ease In Your Hormone Health in 6 Weeks

Holistic Hormone Harmony Group Experience

Next Experience Begins Tuesday, September 13, 2022!

You're Invited!

You’re invited to adopt a position of seeing that hormones are with us for the long haul (talk about BFF’s, eh?) And, they’re asking us to get closer…go on some dates, get to know each other a lot more to learn what their needs are and how they prefer to be shown love – kinda like a Love Language for Hormones.

Say “buh-bye” to the days of viewing and seeing yourself only in pieces. You’re quite the whole package, my dear! And, you’ll get to see it for yourself in the Holistic Hormone Harmony Experience.

Imagine that it’s the end of your Holistic Hormone Harmony Experience…your family and friends (and, most importantly, you!) are remarking on how you’ve changed and appear to be more at peace and confidently directive and clear in what your desires are

You’re genuinely enjoying what you’re doing in your life, feeling more aligned than ever before where you’re feeling your Spirit shine and your Mind and Body are along for the ride.

During the Holistic Hormone Harmony Experience, you’ll:

This comprehensive and well-rounded approach has all the makings to be sustainable - meaning you’re already going to experience it and thus priming and creating new connections within the body that when scenarios pop up, you’re already equipped with what to do to recalibrate and realign...and it happens so naturally.
You’ll get what you need to assist you along in the process that is your Soul’s Journey…and you’ll be learning to bring together the messages of Emotional, Mental and Physical Self together for your Spirit’s liberation!

What's Up with my Hormones?

Hormones literally run the inner goings-on within the body, responding to incoming messages coming from your environment and the state of organs, levels and more. They’re constantly changing and they’re always looking out for you to create a state that’s to support you to keep going.

While they have the best intentions, sometimes what you feel and experience in the form of symptoms and conditions, it may not be the most comfortable or desirable. In the Holistic Hormone Harmony Experience, we explore why these symptoms and conditions may be present for you and how to shift into seeing them as messages of where you may need to adjust in your lifestyle.

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Imagine This...

(Yes, for real…deep breaths and feel in to this…)

As we’re living in the Human experience, we get some Physical symptoms that just be beggin’ for our attention! Any of these speaking to you?

If any of these are ringin’ true for you, then your hormones surely have a message for you and there’s great potential in harmonizing them so you have a better experience!

You May Have Come to the Point Where You Just KNOW Your Symptoms Are More Connected Than You May Have Been Told

And, You’re So Right! Those Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical Symptoms you’re experiencing? Those are Messages – giving you clues that you’re not in Alignment. You’re not expressing your Authentic Self in a Harmonious Way.

You may not have even realized it and that’s ok! 

It takes some guidance and learning how you can use those Symptoms as Messages inviting you to Discover, Explore and Experience Your Life – Embracing That It’s An Evolution and You’re Growing and Healing Along the Way.

The Holistic Hormone Harmony Group Experience is for you!

Is the Holistic Hormone Harmony Experience for me?

Check if you’re shakin’ your head ‘yes’ in agreement with any of the following:

Agreed with a few (or all!) of these statements? Well, the Holistic Hormone Harmony Experience is perfect for you!

Why, Yes, it is for me!

Get clarity in your Hormone Health in the comfort of a guided group

Customized Approach During Your Experience

The Holistic Hormone Harmony Experience ensures you’re learning about and implementing strategies based on YOU! 

Phases of the Holistic Hormone Experience

The Holistic Hormone Harmony Experience is divided into phases that build on one another and when put together represents a culmination of what’s involved for you to Embrace, Embody and Express Your Perfect Authentic Self (which affects your hormones!)

Phase 1
Lay your foundation in Phase 1, where you’ll:
Phase 2
Now that you’ve got your collection of observations and declared your desires, in Phase 2 you’ll:
Phase 3
You’re well into implementing Inspired Action Steps and now during Phase 3, you’ll:
What a beautiful web that’s woven within, known as your hormone system. With something as intricate as it is, there’s a call for a more robust and comprehensive understanding of it from a holistic perspective.
Ready to flow through the Phases?

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So, are you ready? Ready to go on a journey where you’ll be primed and ready to go equipped with tools you can whip out at any time as you continue to Grow and Evolve.

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During Your Holistic Hormone Harmony Sessions

Your sessions are designed to focus on the different parts of your overall treatment plan with a focus on teaching so that you’re able to understand the role of each part to the overall Being (You!), which creates a space for changes to come easier and be more sustainable. Also, you’ll find that the regular sessions help to keep you on track in implementing the plan.

During Group Gathering

Each playful, transformative session is designed to build on each other. For most sessions, you’ll experience:

Session Meeting Schedule

Each session is up to two (2) hours, which includes the personal break-out sessions and time to begin your Inspired Action Steps from the session.

We meet six (6) consecutive weeks. Should there be questions about your plan and the Inspired Action steps, I’m available via messaging within the portal.

You’ll see the scheduled sessions within the portal and can confirm attendance for each session.

Missed Sessions

I have to admit: these sessions are gonna be so juicy that you’re gonna wanna be at all of them! That being said, I get it – things happen. 

Something you’ll learn in your Holistic Hormone Harmony Experience is resiliency and types of support you need that goes along with your Elemental Makeup. And, a form of support built in the Experience is that you’ll get access to the recording made available through the portal within 48 hours after the live session.

You’re encouraged to not only watch the recording, but to also do the exercises as each session is built on the prior and contributes to your overall transformation.

You’ll also receive a personal recording of Insight and Guidance that goes along with the topic of that week’s session as it relates to your personal Elemental Makeup as if you were there for your Private Personal Consultation Break-out. (You see that? Keeping up the trend of personalizing!) This will be sent to you in the portal within 48 hours of the live session

Want to Get Private Consultations with De'Nicea?

Personalized Approach Within a Group

You’re a Whole and Complete person within your own right and with your own set of hormones with your own vision for your life experience, so it’s only fantastical that you get a personalized approach to what’ll support you.

While you’re equipped with knowledge and tools to support you during your Holistic Hormone Harmony Experience, it’s honed in even more when you get customized guidance, insight and recommendations by De’Nicea that’re tailored to you in PRIVATE breakout sessions that takes into account where you’re at, where you’d like to be and aligning your Spirit, Mind and Body.

During Your Private Personal Consultation Break-Out:

In your private consultation, we'll

Your Private Consultations

Get more personalized recommendations with Private 1-to-1 Consultations with De'Nicea

Who's Guiding You in Your Experience?


Meet Your Guide, De'Nicea Hilton Harper

Fantabulous to meet ya! I’m De’Nicea Hilton Harper and I get uber jazzed when seeing women’s eyes light up and the ‘aha’ going off when she begins to see the influences affecting her healing and well-being. When learning about the myths, misinformation or no information when it comes to women’s reproductive health, I just had to specialize in it as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Holistic Well-Being Consultant.

By using a blend of modalities building on the Eastern Medicine foundation (like meditation, functional medicine, medical intuition and more) and believing that “serious healing doesn’t have to be so serious,” I create playful healing spaces for women who’re desiring to get to deeper meanings of her Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical health, especially when it comes to hormones, menstrual cycles and fertility. What’s really cool is seeing how women transform into their Perfect Authentic Self (and confidently express it!) while simultaneously witnessing the multi-dimensional healing happen…it’s such an honor to see!

Believing that simply treating someone can only get you so far, for sustainable healing, I incorporate teaching first and foremost so that you understand more and can lean on the one that matters most beyond partnering with me or any other practitioner – Your Self.

I have a gift at seeing how things are connected and explaining it in a way that just ‘clicks.’ This gift comes in handy when I’m working with women holistically (bridging things together) – where things that may not have made sense before, now do.

Women have such profound power and influence that’s just waiting to flow impacting global humanity…and it can be done in a healing way that’s empowering and enlivened…beginning with Embracing, Embodying and Expressing Your Perfect Authentic Self.

Thank you so much for considering me to join you in your Personal Healing Journey – let’s see what magic can be made!

P.S. Personally, I love mixing up recipes for scrumptious meals, have about five books going at the same time and always up for random adventures with family and friends.

Let's Play Together!

Thank you so much for considering me to join your Holistic Healing team.

Ready for the Holistic Hormone Harmony Experience

The Holistic Hormone Harmony Experience is the tool to guide you in your personal healing journey when you hear yourself thinking or saying:

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When Can You Join?

Registration in the Holistic Hormone Harmony Group Experience is open when a new cohort begins. If you sign up to receive updates from me, you’ll be notified when the next group is forming.

The next Holistic Hormone Harmony Group Experience begins Tuesday, May 31, 2022 – Will you be in it? Save your spot today!

What happens after I sign up?

First, woot woot – congratulations for taking the next step in your Self Healing Journey! And, thank you for allowing me to guide you. Much love!

You’ll be registered in the portal that’ll be your hub for all things related to the Holistic Hormone Harmony Experience. This is where the group chat, recordings and forms are all housed.

Depending on the time you register, be on the look out for EMAILS with deets on your PlayGroup. That’ll be the primary form of communication (unless something changes…and you’ll be made aware of it!) so make sure you use an email you check frequently.

Add these email addresses to your email account to ensure you receive messages: hellothere@deniceahilton and

What if I can’t make it live to a session?

Totally understand! Ideally, you’d be able to attend live to get the most out of your experience. The sessions will be recorded and made available within 48 hours in the portal for you to reference whenever you can.

Each session contains built-in time to review how you’re integrating the previously presented concepts. So if you have any questions or need some clarity, send it over before the next session so I may answer for you.

I learn all of this, then what?

You’re not totally thrown to the wolves! You’ll see that what you learn and experience equips you to whip out any relevant concepts when you need to.

Also, let’s get through this Experience and we’ll regroup and see what may be next steps for you at that time.

What Are Accepted Payment Options?

Debit/Credit cards are accepted. Also, some HSA accounts can be used as I’m a practicing Doctor of Oriental Medicine and we review food therapy, wellness and lifestyle options during your experience (sometimes considered consultations for some companies.)

On a case by case basis, other payment options will be considered. Contact me for details. 

As part of the Philanthropy and Giving aspect of Hilton Holistic Health, partial scholarships may be available. Contact me for details.

*Pricing is subject to change without notice.

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