Master the Art of Being Your Perfect Authentic Self

Using the Messages of the Whole Body Self to Discover (and Be!) Your Perfect Authentic Leadership Style - so you can Lead Authentically in ALL areas of your life - with Clarity, Confidence and Compassion

The 5-month MasterBeing Experience is designed to be a practice of using tools to DISCOVER more about your Authentic Self while simultaneously BEING in action, so you’re actively putting into practice what you’re discovering…and have support along the way that moves WITH YOU as you evolve.

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*Prices subject to change at any time without notice. $400 initial payment, then $350/mo for 5 months.

Heeey, you – the Leader who’s Multi-passionate, Introverted and an Empath

Your Powers are Super

These qualities are superpowers, yet as with any superpower come great response-ability. It may come off as difficulty navigating Relationships. 

You know, things like boundaries, being confident in the ‘no’, negative self-talk, imposter syndrome, burnout and possibly even self-sabotage.

And now you’re dealing with Spiritual, Emotional, Mental or Physical symptoms, like digestive issues, hormone disharmonies, anxiety, depression and more.

With aaaaall of this, it’s so enticing to go bury yourself in that cozy blanket and get away from it all might be the answer…just to quiet the noise (and maybe even rejuvenate.)

And, at the same time, you realize that is an answer…for the short term.

You really desire a different experience for your Self, one where you’re:

  • Discovering more about the richness of who you are, along with the understanding the layers that make up who you are from a Holistic perspective
  • Equipped with Tools that you can use at other times in your life – feeling ready to respond more naturally and with more ease with stressors that inevitably will present themselves
  • Creating the lifestyle the fits sustainable evolution and expression of your Authentic Being
  • Confident in Being who you are at your Authentic Core

Ooooo and what a sweet vision this is! A vision that is possible with the Perfect Authentic Leadership Society MasterBeing.

Flow Within Structure

This is your experience where it changes WITH youas you evolve, you’re provided with insight and guidance that’s to meet you at this new iteration of who you are – within a playful and safe space that has the infrastructure for strategy and planning that molds to your unique style.

It’s where you get to Master the Art of Being

Most get all swirled in the many thoughts and ideas going on in their head, that you see that it’s useful to have a space to actually get out of your head and get the strategies of putting it all together that fit your unique Authentic Leadership Style.

*Prices subject to change at any time without notice. $400 initial payment, then $350/mo for 5 months.


You’re desiring to have a more meaningful understanding of your Whole Body Selfon the Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical aspects.

It’s in the Being that you also Discover

Then as you get to know these different layers and aspects of your life, you realize there are some nuances of wanting to know how to actually navigate what you’re discovering – where you can do so without blame, guilt or shame.

You’re Always in Response to your Environment

We biologically (along with the way we think about ourselves) change in response to the Environments we’re in. This includes Internally AND Externally. This means you see the opportunity here to begin to be intentional about creating the Environments that’ll support what you’re discovering about your Core Authentic Self aaaaand encourage you to continue to Be your Authentic Self.

This is Your Journey Alone - but You’re Not Lonely

You realize this is personal journey that requires personalization and people that see you for you, cheer you on and even support you in continuing to Discover (and Be!) your Perfect Authentic Self – as you’re Being in Your Purpose.

The Way You Lead Influences your Holistic Health and Your Holistic Health Influences the Way You Lead

And, the Perfect Authentic Leadership Society MasterBeing connects these in a way that makes it possible for you to:

Your MasterBeing Experience

Designed to meet you where you’re at...


Phase 1: (en)Visioning

You’ll be guided to have your very own UnSlumber Party! Which you can do at your own pace and at your own time. By the end of your UnSlumber Party!, you’ll identify desires and what you’d like to experience in your life from a holistic perspective.

This is the ultimate imagination time! Your Retreat to Awaken allows those deep, inner desires to come up - without worrying about the ‘how’ and about what other people will think.


Phase 2: Personalized Foundationing

This is where you’ll meet with De’Nicea to review what came up during your (en)Visioning UnSlumber Party!

We’ll further refine it and identify recommendations and strategies to get you started in bringing the vision to life. You may be directed to certain Tools in the growing (and dynamic) Toolkit that’ll facilitate the process.


Phase 3: Discovering (and Being!) + Creating Environments

You’re moving right along into the process - woot woot! This is where you’re actually implementing those initial recommendations and strategies, while having the space to ask questions, get feed-forward, present the changes that’ve happened so next steps are created.

This is done in weekly Group Consulting PlayDates, where you’ll get one-to-one attention with a small, intimate group on a live call.

Also, for in between those live calls as you’re implementing, you have the chance to do the same thing in asking questions, getting feed-forward, direction and guidance on next steps by submitting text and voice chats.

You’re in great company by even being able to chat with other members of the MasterBeing – they’re your cheerleaders too! And, because they’re on the same journey of discovering and being their authentic self, you’re safe to just Be in a #judgementfreezone.

Word on the Playground

Opening to Possibilities and Potential

Come on in with what’s got your attention right now! While one area may have your attention right now, it’s inevitable that other areas are influenced as well. This is the beauty of being a Whole Being! It may topics related to:

  • Holistic Health – creating a different view of symptoms and conditions (coming from your Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical Health), where you see them as messages offering Wisdom and Insight into the expression of your Authentic Being
  • Relationships – whether this is creating a more loving and compassionate relationship with your Self and/or others, you’ll gain a different level of understanding where your relationships are richer (and you see that it’s even as you are opening up to just Be You!)
  • Purpose – ignite passion and meaning that’s grounded in you and what you’d like (vs. based on others) in your life again, where you’re feeling like you’re Being in Purpose
  • Business – explore ways to create a business that FITS your unique Authentic Leadership Style (vs doing what others say to do), where you’re feeling sustainable enjoyment in offering your products and services

Ready to Experience Flow Within Structure by
Mastering the Art of Being You?

Let’s do this! Here’s how you’ll get started in the Perfect Authentic Leadership Society MasterBeing after submitting your payment:

  • Be on the lookout for welcome email to the portal asking you to activate your profile
  • Once you activate your profile, you’ll go through the Welcome + Orientation letting you know what’s in the space and how to use it (it’s a pretty nifty, intuitive and easy to use platform…that even comes with an app when you wanna get your MasterBeing on while on the go!)
  • Do your UnSlumber Party! For you to Retreat to Awaken to those inner desires, creating your vision and intentions for what you’d like to get guidance and support in while in the MasterBeing
  • Next, you’ll schedule your Laying the Foundation Call with De’Nicea where you’ll review your UnSlumber Party! Experience and get your initial recommendations and strategies to get started in bringing your vision to life
  • Add the live Group Consulting PlayDates to your calendar (as of right now, they’re scheduled for Tuesdays at 12pm EST) – this is where you’ll get the personalized attention one to one within a small, intimate group setting to review what changes you’ve implemented, reassess based on how you’re changing and get new strategies and recommendations. Feel free to come in and go or stay the whole time – totally up to you!
  • Check out the Toolkit – which is dynamically growing based on needs of the group and with Tools curated and designed to support:
    • Creating awareness of the messages of the Whole Body
    • Navigating the speed bumps and gremlins that may come out as you actually implement the strategies
    • Creating internal and external Environments to support your Authentic Self as it expresses itself
  • Get Reviews and Audits of submitted PlaySheets from the ToolKit – that allows me to see what you’re observing and your reflections of what’s come up which informs any adjustments and next steps for you

Got questions? Seeking feed-forward? Encouragement? You’ve got the group chat available (allow others to be there for you…especially when you’re used to doing that for others) and can private message De’Nicea directly on there, too.

Implement and Evolve

I’m here to guide you along and you’ve got a community that’s here rootin’ you on, too!

This is truly a dynamic Experience, where I’ll be observing for patterns to see what Tools may need to be added to the ToolKit or any other changes…based on what’s going for y’all! You’ll be asked regularly for your input, as it’ll let me know what you could use to further support you in your Journey.

I'm De'Nicea Hilton Harper

Meet Your Hostess with the Mostest

Heya – what a pleasure to meet you and thank you so much for considering me to join you in activating some quick changes in your life.

One of the big things I learned with a history in practicing as a Doctor of Eastern Medicine is that there are messages coming from the way the Whole Body presents itself – offering insights into who you are as your Authentic Self. And from there, I could see people had desires for themselves but may not have thought it was possible or even what kind of internal and external Environments could support them.

On The Perfect PlayGround, it’s a safe, #judgementfreezone for your inner desires to come out and where we call in and use all aspects of you – Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally and Physically – to create your unique pathway for your desires to come to life. Where you see that in ALL areas of your life, you can be your Perfect Authentic Self – with Clarity, Confidence and Compassion.

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Pricing to Begin the MasterBeing

$ 2,500 (or $400 deposit + $350/mo for 5 months)
  • Special #1: Additional month in the MasterBeing - making it access for six (6) months, instead of five (5)**
  • Special #2: One (1) Additional Private Consulting PlayDate - redeemable at any time during the six (6) months**

You may have questions…and I’ve got answers


Lovely question (and I sure would like you to be comfortable with joining!) The MasterBeing is perfect for you if: 

  • You’re wanting to be with someone who takes a holistic approach in connecting what’s going on for you, including lifestyle, generational and traumatic experiences.

    This means you’re over trying to piece-meal it and exploring aaaall sorts of ways to do things, and ready for another set of eyes, ears and Heart to put it together where it just “clicks” – offering tips and strategies that FIT you.
  • Your overall intention is to be more equipped to navigate what comes in life – while maintaining who you are as Authentic Self and not being dependent on someone else, because you’ve come to acknowledge true empowerment comes from WITHIN…so you’re with someone that honors your choice and sovereignty along the way.
  • Realizing you’d like to be in a place where your preferences are taken into consideration to create a personalized experience, while enjoying the company of a community who desire the same thing!
  • You’re the type that appreciates having some direction with structure, while also allowing there to be Evolution and recommendations changing WITH you (vs protocols that’re inflexible.)
  • When it comes to implementation, you’re on it – able to implement with direction, while having someone checking in on you and making adjustments to get it just right for you to continue implementing easier.
  • While you’ve been organizing and looking after other people, you’re ready for someone to do it for you: and you know you could get a lot more “done” if you just had the space to freely speak, brainstorm, strategize and get a plan together (because if you keep it real, you know you can be a bit everywhere yet can really get things done in spurts.)
  • You’re open to a variety of modalities that may be used, which may include: acupressure, herbs, food therapy, labs, supplements, meditation, visualization, time and productivity strategies, medical intuition, and more.
  • You get that this is all about the Journey, not the Destination! So, you’re game for allowing your Perfect Authentic Self to express itself, while honoring your pace and your vision for your Self.

The beauty of having this time available is that you’re making for their to be long-term support that changes AS you change. If bringing in biological processes, these may take a few months for the changes to be seen. The idea here is that you’re provided with access to a Consultant that’s providing insight, tips, strategies and recommendations that move WITH you because as you implement, you’ll see other layers present themselves.

Elements of the ToolKit will change based on the needs of the group, too. Being in a smaller community, you’ll also reap the benefits of being connected with others where you can be open and vulnerable with, witnessing and celebrating their transformations – just as they do the same for you. Rich bonds will be formed.

You’re free to come in and out of the calls as you see fit. There’s no shaming or judgment. Things will come up in life. It’s my intention that you see you can use aspects of the MasterBeing, as it’ll equip you with tools on better navigating what does come in life – and doing so sustainably as you see what your unique Perfect Authentic Leadership Style is.

Because you’re interconnected, you can begin with one area and you’ll find that other areas will naturally come up. So see what is catching your attention the most right now and go for that, then we’ll allow any other aspects to come up as they wish. Examples could include:

You’ll see common themes come up, such as boundaries, imposter syndrome, resiliency, burn-out, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, hormone disharmonies, expressing oneself, time management, productivity, overthinking, feeling stretched thin, and grief.

This tends to affect all sorts of Relationships that you lead in:

Self → self-talk, sabotage, criticism

At home → partners, children, parents

In business → business models and infrastructure, teams, clients/customers

Socially → friends, community/civic groups

So your time in the MasterBeing could look like:

  • Gaining a wider and deeper meaning behind symptoms and conditions to get recommendations
  • Exploring types of business models where you feel free to be who you are while still offering your services with sustainability and enjoyment
  • Identifying ways that you can create more purpose and meaning in your life
  • Being in a place with someone that’s listening to what your big desires and dreams are then strategizing on positioning yourself (from a holistic perspective) for it to happen

So you can see, there’s a lot involved in Being You! Just bring what’s got your attention and we’ll get you started.

Not really. The way I present insight and recommendations is that you get to explore and understand there are oftentimes much more influencing your holistic health than what meets the eye. 

This is for someone who’s willing to explore those aspects, seeking the tools for sustainably and understanding their body from a different perspective.

So while sometimes labs, supplements and food therapy MAY come up, it’s not the focus. We’re making room to possibly address lifestyle, generational influences, traumatic experiences and others so there’s a holistic approach.

Great question! My role as your Authentic Leadership and Holistic Well-Being Consultant is to:

  • Be present and welcome you AS YOU ARE in a compassionate, safe and non-judgmental space
  • Encourage you to shift and evolve by not allowing you to stay where you are (you came for guidance after all!) while honoring time and receptivity
  • Offer different perspectives in what you’re experiencing in your life to facilitate your personal growth
  • Strategize on techniques and tactics you can implement in your daily life practice that support your Authentic Leadership and Holistic Health Journey
  • Encourage and support you in your evolution by mirroring growth and expansion so you can celebrate and appreciate your journey

Types of responses that may be presented will vary. Expect a free flowing conversation. I may ask questions (who am I kidding – I’ll ask a lot of questions!) These questions may activate an instant thought, a-ha or response as a possible answer for guidance. Others may be for you to digest and integrate and it’ll come to you later. Either way, it’s ALL ok and welcome.

These questions are inviting you to turn inward and explore the circumstance or experience from your Perfect Authentic Self’s perspective. Assuming and projecting on anyone or anything OUTSIDE of you is not you and promotes disempowerment of your growth. If this happens during your consultation, you’ll be gently guided to ground and go inward. 

The point is that simply by asking you, your awareness expands and you’ll begin to seek the answer and allow it to come to you.

Here are some tips to best prep so that we take full advantage of the scheduled time together. Checking these ahead of time will allow us to jump right in to the Consultations vs. using your time to deal with the tech or inability to hear or speak.

  • Make sure you’re in a comfortable, safe and relaxing space where you can speak freely
  • Check your internet connection beforehand
  • Log into your portal and click to begin the session for your appointment time
  • Have notebook and pen ready to jot any immediate feelings, insights or thoughts AFTER the consultation
  • Have water (with a pinch of real sea salt mixed in) available – it’s an amazing conductor of energy movement and transformation

Although the Consultations answered your questions, provided strategies and recommendations, you’re a sovereign Being, meaning it’s always up to you to take what we reviewed and do something about it IF it feels right to you.

I’m here as your consultant. Ultimately, this is your journey and you’ve got choices in this vast field of Potential and Possibilities! Review the insights, tools and tips we discussed. Implement consistently – whatever that means for you. Observe what happens. Alter as needed. Consult with me for continued accountability and support…you’ve got the chat messaging available for in between the live calls. Also, you can lean on Community – the group is also here for you, too.

As of right now, the PlayDate Group Consulting calls will not be recorded. Some are able to open up more knowing they’re not being recorded; which may establish comfort and openness faster so I can get info that I need when strategizing and creating recommendations for you to implement.

Maybe and maybe not. It depends on what comes up from the conversation as it unfolds, including questions you have, updates on changes as you’ve been implementing recommendations. 

Remember, the symptoms or signs you’re experiencing from either of these realms are simply messages. Messages from your Perfect Authentic Self calling your attention. One form may be stronger than another in different people and at different times. Let’s just say your Perfect Authentic Self will use whatever means to get your attention and this is where we’ll be open to learning from that message.

Tools (including those in the ToolKit) will vary! There may be ideas of visualizations, meditations, foods, exercises, books, references or even tests, modalities, if herbs, supplements or others that’lll help. There are a bunch of tools out there…I’ll present what may be most applicable at that time based on where you’re at. This is not to be confused with an official diagnosis or treatment of anything. (See medical disclaimer below.)

We can begin the conversation with whatever you’d like in our time together. We’ll cover as much as we can and that’s allowed during that time. You’ve been living years and coming in with a lot of life experience – so we can’t expect to unload everything in this short time. (There’s always opportunity to schedule more private consultations or use the chat to speak with me in between live calls – you’ve got options, boo!)

As you evolve and apply what we review, things change and other experiences catch your attention. The Discovery (and Being!) of your Perfect Authentic Self is a continuous process. (Heck, you’ll even be a different person from the beginning of your consultation than in the end!) 

The direction you’re going in is to bring your Spirit, Mind and Body together for your Perfect Authentic Self’s Expression – in Integration.

Some things may come and be easy to implement or change instantaneously, while others may take some time. Honor and respect that all is perfect, especially in timing and place.

Some effects may be grand and others very subtle. Either way it goes, maintain peace and detach from the outcome. 

We tend to set goals and outcomes based on what we currently “know.” The more you attach to a specific outcome, the more you may get in the way of transformation that may be more than what you were expecting – and in a different way!

Sooo much has changed for you: the discoveries, the confidence, the clarity, the richer and more meaningful relationships – aaaah, such bliss! If you’d like to keep going, you’re welcome to renew!

Heck yeah! I get that it may not be possible to make the full payment at once. You can get started with monthly payments that’s spread out for the duration of your time in the MasterBeing. With this payment structure, you’re not penalized for not having the full amount available at one time.

Woot woot – this is gonna be awesome…congratulations on making this choice and thank you for allowing me to join you in this phase of your Authentic Leadership Journey! Excited to explore the possibilities and potential for you – when you see you can just be You.

Here are your steps:

  1. Submit your payment – choose to pay in full or begin monthly payments for six (6) months 
  2. Check your email – I’ll reach out to you using the email you used in payment to add you to the portal where the MasterBeing is being held

Create profile in the portal – you’ll fill in some background info and preliminary form before you get started with your UnSlumber Party…see you inside!

Medical Disclaimer: Information provided is for informational purposes only. This information is NOT intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other healthcare professional, or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging. Do not use the information provided in this email for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing medication or other treatment. Always speak with your physician or other healthcare professional before taking any medication or nutritional, herbal or homeopathic supplement, or using any treatment for a health problem. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, contact your health care provider promptly. Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking professional advice because of something you have read in this email or received in consultation. Information provided and the use of any products or services related by this email or in consultation by you DOES NOT create a doctor-patient relationship between you and De’Nicea Hilton, DOM, AP. Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

See You in The MasterBeing

Click below to officially join The Perfect Authentic Leadership MasterBeing at The Perfect PlayGround. I'm ready to welcome you and guide you along in connecting the dots in realizing your Authentic Leadership - guided by messages of your Whole Body Self.

* Prices subject to change at any time without notice.