Become a Member of the

Flow·ologist Society

Become a Member of the

Flow·ologist Society

Imagine your time in this Flow-asis...

  • You’re surrounded and uplifted by other women who believe in Educating, Embracing and Embodying Holistic Menstrual Health
  • You’re gaining more insight as to what the messages are from your Cycle as you’re using the Flow·ology Planner + Journal
  • You’re engaging in thought-provoking flow-versations about the connection of the Cycle with others and your way of Being
  • You’re guided along in your personal evolution encouraging you to shine brightly and brilliantly
  • You’re feeling grateful in knowing that as you go through your own process, you’re able to provide an opportunity for another girl, teen or woman to receive a scholarship to receive Holistic Menstrual Health education
  • You’re desiring to take your curiosity about your Menstrual Cycle and expand your knowledge and awareness about Holistic Menstrual Health

If this is you, then consider this your personal invitation to become a Founding Member of the Flow·ologist Society! Woot woot!

What’s a Flow·ologist? A Flow·ologist is someone who appreciates, embraces and embodies Flow·ology (don’t you love definitions like this, haha!)

What’s Flow·ology? Flow·ology is the Discovery, Art and Science of You Through the Lens of Your Menstrual Cycle

When you put a bunch of Flow·ologists together, you have the Flow·ologist Society! Here’s what you get as a member of the Flow·ologist Society: 

Support a Sister Flow·ologist

  • Get updates on how your membership blessed another in receiving a Scholarship towards a Flow·ology Planner + Journal, mentorship or event - which makes the way for a girl, teen or woman to Educate, Embrace and Embody Holistic Menstrual Health who may otherwise not have access to do so

Invitation to Head Flow·ologist Office Hours

  • Get your questions answered by De’Nicea on using the Flow·ology Planner + Journal and guidance in your findings

Invitation to exclusive online Tea & Flow-versations with De'Nicea

  • Hang out with De’Nicea and learn what’s new in studies, the news or changes happening that may affect your menstrual health.
  • Participate in discussions and reviews of what we’ll be studying to support your Holistic Menstrual Health (e.g. books, movies, podcasts, etc.)

Change the Menstrual Health Landscape

  • Your voice can incite change! Participate in focus groups and surveys where your input can be used to raise awareness and encourage others to change the way they’re thinking, mindfully create different products and more

Advance Notice, Registration and Special Pricing on select Offerings and Events

  • Be prepared to grab your spot early AND at special rates for select offerings and events hosted by De’Nicea

Become a Founding Member Today!

Wondering if this is for you?

You’re a flow-tabulous candidate for the Flow·ologist Society if you:

  • Purchased the Flow·ology Planner + Journal and want additional support in using this unique tool to help you in bringing your life together with your Cycle tracking
  • Would like some very light accountability in supporting your implementation of lifestyle changes that support your Menstrual Health
  • Enjoy flow-versations that shift your perspective about how to support your Menstrual Health - Holistically
  • Are open to and curious about Holistic Menstrual Health and its impact for yourself and greater humanity
All menstrual cycle and fertility conditions are welcome!

Even if you don’t have any, you’re welcome!

The intention with the Flow·ologist Society is that you’re supported in using your Menstrual Cycle as your guide post in your personal evolution and development. Ready for that?

Become a Founding Member Today!

Founding Member Rate*: 



one month



six (6) months



one (1) year

*Prices subject to change without notice

*Cost of membership auto-renews but you may cancel at any time.