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Sync to Your Cycle

For Integrated Health & Well-Being

Aligning your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health Through the Lens of Your Menstrual Cycle


Every day you’re aware of the thoughts, feelings, sensations that you experience. You understand there’s a pattern to what you’re observing and you plan your life where it is filled with ease, flow and grace. There’s a Cyclical rhythm you begin to see – YOUR cyclical rhythm.

You trust the symptoms you’re experiencing are messages highlighting your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual state. You’ve come to be so in tune with yourself that you notice any favorable or unfavorable changes in your Cycle when you introduce something or someone in your life.

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And, you’re equipped with tools to make adjustments knowing what’s ideal for YOUR Cycle presentation. You’re confident in establishing, implementing and enforcing healthy boundaries to get to and sustain your natural Cyclical harmony.

You’re feeling powerful in Embracing and Embodying your Menstrual Health where you’re creating your life experience for you on your terms. Menstrual cycle conditions do not have a hold on you anymore. Your fertile landscape has been optimized.

You come to realize this person that’s shining is your Authentic, Inner Being. She’s come through and you’re loving it! You’re loving her – unconditionally!

I know you’re probably thinking, “Uuuuh…I want this and this sounds great and all, but…

I Get It – I hear these statements all of the time! But, they don’t have to be true for you.

Often solutions that are presented only

Because of what you’ve been going through, you’re almost ready to just call it quits!

Take the uterus!

Let’s just do IVF (and hope it works!)

We’ll adopt!

I just don’t know who I am or want to be!

Hold on a sec, did you catch that? The key word I used there is “almost”

I say “almost” because you’re here.

Here on this page. 

What that tells me is that you still have a little spark in you and some hope that things can be different for you.

Where many have become trained and accustomed to someone just doing things TO you and FOR you, you recognize you’ve got to take control of the reins and lead your life for yourself.

You just need some answers to some questions, someone to help you fill in those gaps, someone to listen and guide you along in your journey. Who’s down for the ride?

I know I am! Are you?

What kind of ride though? Where are we going? What’s there when we get there?

Well, hop in! Let’s see what’s going to happen on this trip. Imagine me opening the door for you…

Planning this trip took some work and I’ve thought about you and what your goals are. While you’re on your trip, you’ll:

Ooo...I’m Ready for This!

But, wait, what happens when the trip is over? 

That’s the thing, it’s only over when you’ve stopped evolving!

You’re going to be given the tools to use over and over again, because EVERY DAY you’re in your Cycle. And, as you evolve, different needs and desires pop up.

You’ll be prepared and ready to go in knowing what you need to do.

You see, the Cycle Syncing Mentorship provides all of what you need in Educating, Embracing and Embodying Holistic Menstrual Health.

No matter which level you decide to join, you’ll learn how to:

Premium levels in the Cycle Syncing Mentorship are available where you get more personalized attention, accountability and custom recommendations based on your Cycle and tend to help women move closer to their goal faster.

Join the Cycle Syncing Mentorship today

As you’re on your journey in the Cycle Syncing Mentorship, explore the beautiful symphony of events that occur during the whole menstrual cycle letting you know what’s healthily functioning (and what isn’t!) When you learn what’s going on and what’s needed for a healthy cycle, you can consciously take inspired action steps in your lifestyle to have a healthy cycle!

Wondering if this is for you? I got you. I mean, who wants to waste their time, right?

The Cycle Syncing Mentorship is for women who are experiencing:

Menstrual Cycle Conditions: Examples are painful periods, heavy periods, an irregular period, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis or not even having a period. These are signs that there are some disharmonies going on throughout your cycle. 

By learning more about where these disharmonies on a holistic level (mind, body and spirit) are occuring, you can make lifestyle adjustments to change your menstrual cycle experience to what you’d really like!

Fertility Preparation Challenges: If you’re planning to expand your family or been trying already to expand your family and having trouble, then this would be great for you to learn what is a healthy cycle that is conducive to fertility. 

By learning this, you are well on your way to setting yourself up to potentially have not only conception, but healthy pregnancy, mom and baby!

Menstrual Cycle Curiosity: If you’re thinking your cycle is normal, but then still curious about what’s going on, then you’ll get a kick out of learning that what you may consider “normal” may not actually be “healthy.”

By learning these key differences, you’ll be well-equipped with tools to support you for many years to live more healthily and harmoniously!

Choosing Your Mentorship Experience

Wanna know what the different levels are and what’s included? Have a look below. Made it easy for you to see the difference!

As you’re deciding, keep in mind that while there is some level of accountability and face to face time with me, the “Blue Pearl” level is the MOST personal and quickest to moving you closer to your goals.



Golden Pearl

White Pearl

Personal On-Boarding Session
Gain clarity on how to best navigate the mentorship based on your needs

Access to Cycle Syncing Training
Learn the basics of beginning to observe your Cycle, analyze trends and identify needed areas of adjustment

Invitation to Office Hours
Get your questions answered by De’Nicea as you go along in your journeyevolve

Monthly Flow-Spired Meditation
Relax as you take a guided journey that supports aligning your whole Body, Mind and Spirit

Invitation to Monthly Tea & Flow-versations
Hang out with De’Nicea and learn what’s new in studies, the news or changes happening that may affect your menstrual health

Priority Notice, Registration and Special Pricing on Events
Be prepared to grab your spot at special rates for events hosted by De’Nicea

Recordings of Sessions
Access your sessions later to review what was discussed

Special Pricing on Lab Testing and Review Available*
Get more detailed insight into what’s happening with your nutritional and hormone levels so you can make more targeted changes in your lifestyle for better menstrual health

Special Pricing on Supplement Consultation and Recommendations Available*
Get professional guidance into which supplements may be more beneficial to you based on your Cycle

Twelve (12) Cycle Express Sessions
Quick, laser-focused sessions on observations in your Cycle answering questions to gain clarity on next step to take

Custom Food Therapy Recommendations
Learn which foods would best match and support your Cycle presentation

Monthly Tea Selection Sent to You
Sip and enjoy hand-selected tea chosen by De’Nicea to support your Menstrual Health.

Half-Day Immersive Retreat (Online or in Palm Harbor, FL**)
Immerse yourself in activities and assessments that open your eyes about yourself, uncover patterns that need to be shifted and reframed and discover how to use your strengths to accelerate learning about and syncing with your Cycle.

Twelve (12) Intensive Initiation Sessions
Personal calls with De’Nicea where we review your Cycle observations, guide you to deepen the relationship with yourself, understand how to shift your environment and lifestyle to be conducive to your menstrual health and create strategies to implement customized to you based on your Cycle.

Monthly Customized Herbal Blend Sent to You***
Custom herb formula designed by De’Nicea to support your Cycle type and which can be changed to match your Cycle presentation as you.

*Lab testing and supplements are additional and special pricing offered to members

**Travel and accommodations are not included. Meal is included.

***Valid only for the U.S.

This is quite the mentorship, isn’t it?

All of what you need to learn about and sync with your Cycle with a Period & Fertility Strategist as your BFF! Say what!

Get Started Today!

White Pearl

$ 397
  • Cycle Syncing Online Training ​
  • Access to Office Hours ​
  • Invitation to Tea and Flow-versations​
  • Twelve (12) Cycle Express Sessions
  • Handpicked Monthly Tea Selection Sent to You​​
  • Twelve (12) Intensive Initiation Sessions​
  • Half-Day Immersive Retreat
  • Custom Herb Blend Mailed Monthly

Golden Pearl

$ 997
  • Cycle Syncing Online Training ​
  • Access to Office Hours ​
  • Invitation to Tea and Flow-versations​
  • Twelve (12) Cycle Express Sessions
  • Handpicked Monthly Tea Selection Sent to You
  • Twelve (12) Intensive Initiation Sessions​
  • Half-Day Immersive Retreat
  • Custom Herb Blend Mailed Monthly

Blue Pearl

$ 2,997
  • Cycle Syncing Online Training ​
  • Access to Office Hours ​
  • Invitation to Tea and Flow-versations​
  • Twelve (12) Cycle Express Sessions
  • Handpicked Monthly Tea Selection Sent to You
  • Twelve (12) Intensive Initiation Sessions
  • Half-Day Immersive Retreat
  • Custom Herb Blend Mailed Monthly

*Prices subject to change. See full benefits above.

**Held online or in Palm Harbor, FL. Travel and accommodations not included.

***Valid only for the US

What Happens When I Sign Up?

No need to get wrapped up into where to begin when you join. That’s why we’ll have an On-Boarding Session. It’s meant for us to map out how to best navigate the mentorship so you get the results you’re looking for.

If you’re ready to go or even on the fence because you have questions about if this is for you, request a consultation with me. Let’s make sure you’re clear as to what you’re looking for and which path would best fit.

Help Me Decide Which Path To Take

Who is this NOT for?

You may be thinking this sounds flow-tabulous and all (and it is!) Over time, I’ve learned that this process isn’t for everyone and that’s totally cool. We all learn differently and our people are our people. So here are some characteristics or thought processes for who this doesn’t work very well.

The Cycle Syncing Mentorship is not gonna be for you if you’re:

If you’re thinking, “I’m all good! Let’s do this already!” then I’m ready for ya!

Yes! Yes! So stoked for you to join the Mentorship. And, thank you for allowing me to join you as your Guide in your menstrual health journey!