Perfect Aligning PlayGroup Mentorship

8 Week LIVE Mentorship for a Small Group of Women. Do a lil’ celebratory dance in the Perfect Playground  – where you’re guided to adopt a method for Harnessing All of You and Living From Your Power Within, to Live More Holistically Aligned with Your Spirit, Mind and Body.
Learn to Harness the Power of Your Perfect(ion)!
You’ll get what you need to assist you along in the process that is your Soul’s Journey…and you’ll be learning to bring together the messages of Emotional, Mental and Physical Self together for your Spirit’s liberation!

Imagine This...

(Yes, for real…deep breaths and feel in to this…)

As we’re living in the Human experience, we get some Physical symptoms that just be beggin’ for our attention! Any of these speaking to you?

You May Have Come to the Point Where You Just KNOW Your Symptoms Are More Connected Than You May Have Been Told

And, You’re So Right! Those Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical Symptoms you’re experiencing? Those are Messages – giving you clues that you’re not in Alignment. You’re not expressing your Authentic Self in a Harmonious Way.

You may not have even realized it and that’s ok! 

It takes some guidance and learning how you can use those Symptoms as Messages inviting you to Discover, Explore and Experience Your Life – Embracing That It’s An Evolution and You’re Growing and Healing Along the Way.

The Perfect Aligning PlayGroup Mentorship is for you!

If You're Over...

I’m here to tell ya: NOTHING is wrong with you!

You're Perfect!

Matter of fact, there is nothing to “recover” from or “fix,” either.  You’re Whole and Complete as you are – and it’s the UNIQUE make-up of your qualities that you can use to your advantage to Embrace, Embody and Express Your Perfect Authentic Self. You just got to learn to tap into it in a Holistically Aligned Way. So ROCK IT, girlfriend!

So, are you ready? Ready to go on a journey where you’ll be primed and ready to go equipped with tools you can whip out at any time as you continue to Grow and Evolve.

Smiling Diverse Women Sitting On Sofa Over White Brick Wall
During your time in the 8-Week Perfect Alignment PlayGroup Mentorship, you’ll:

What You’ll Experience:

Part 1

In small, intimate online group setting, we’ll come together LIVE once a week for six (6) weeks.* You’ll learn each piece of the Perfect Aligning Method – a method for Harnessing All of You and Living From Your Power Within to Be More Whole – Aligning with Your Spirit, Mind and Body.

You’ll become familiar with each of the concepts, then use an example that’s relevant to you where I will personally guide you in applying it to you and your Journey so you feel confident in your Self being your #1 Resource as you continue to grow and evolve in your Journey.

Each PlayGroup Session* (1-2 hours) is a mix of Learning, Play and Consulting! It’s Experiential – the more involved you are, the more you’ll get out of it. You’ll experience:

*If you’re unable to attend a session live, you’ll receive the recording to review AND you’ll have the opportunity to submit any questions or comments about a previous session beforehand to be addressed in the next session during the built in Integration Checks. This is really helpful if you know ahead of time you won’t be able to make it.

Part 2

After the live sessions, you’ll have two (2) weeks online support within the Circle on Mighty Networks.

Access in Community Circle

The Circle within the Perfect PlayGround dedicated for your cohort will be open with the recordings and for support for 12 weeks total. 

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You've got options to join, my dear! Pay in full or spread it out by taking advantage of the handy dandy monthly payment.


Paid in full*
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per month for 2 months*

*Price is subject to change without notice.

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Your Tour of the Perfect PlayGround

In the Perfect Aligning PlayGroup Mentorship, you’re embarking on a journey of the “Perfect PLAYGround!”

At each stop (aka your PlayGroup Session), you’ll Discover, Explore and Experience a concept that plays a role in the Perfect Aligning Method.

The Perfect Aligning Method is designed for you to whip out ANY of the concepts that may apply as you meet situations in your journey that’s inviting you to grow, so that you may

Harness All of You and Live From Your Power Within Be More Whole – Aligned with Your Spirit, Mind and Body.

**Note about your tour: these stops are in no particular order. I know, I know…you like to have a plan and know what’s coming up.

This is an example of allowing you to experience being in the Present and being open to what may come. Without the “preparation,” you’re in a spot of openness and receptivity. I get it…you may feel vulnerable with this. You may feel “out of control.”

You’re in safe hands and heart of someone who knows what it’s like to have that type of relationship with someone.

I honor and respect that this may come up for you; and am grateful you’re considering to trust me as I hold the space and guide you along the way.

ALSO, your whole PlayGroup Mentorship is a breathing and dynamic Mentorship – it serves as a reflection of the group. So as you go through our time together, I’m present and and aware to present what may be more applicable at that time to facilitate your growth. And, no worries! You’ll get the full and complete tour of the Perfect PLAYGround!

Check out the stops you get to explore!

Tap into using what’s ALREADY available for you and learn to use it as a way of guiding you to what your Spirit’s inviting you to learn.

Put your Personal Healing Journey on steroids when you learn this powerful process that liberates you from what you’d been holding onto and cultivates compassion for whatever you’re experiencing.

Did you see that sign? The one that says, “Do Not Enter” or “Wrong Way” or “Private.” Explore which signs you are seeing and placing in your Personal Healing Journey and the holistic impact of following those signs.

Do opposites really attract? Feel more powerful and whole when you embrace it ALL.

What revs your juices? Discover what brings a smile to your face, light in your Heart and a pep in your step in your Personal Healing Journey (and the GIFT of changing it as you feel like it!)

It’s curtain call…The set is ready to go…All actors are in place! And, ACTION! Appreciate the value (and the ripple effect!) of rehearsing what you’d like to experience daily in your Personal Healing Journey.

Learn how you provide service to others that’s so in alignment with your Power of Perfection and Purpose it has you laughing at just how effortless it seems!

Feel into what it’s like when the many (and sometimes hidden) chains are unlocked, anchors are released and your Heart/Mind is expanded as you take each step in your Personal Healing Journey 

Buzz Lightyear ain’t got nothing on you! Experience what may be waiting for you just around the corner when you learn how to open up like the beautiful flower that you are!

Learn what’s the impact of what you’re speaking into that micro (or mega!) phone that you carry around with you everyday. Note: it’s not always what’s spoken!

Got your backpack, snacks, flashlight, water, books, anything else for your trip? See how embarking on a tremendous adventure that is your Personal Healing Journey, is actually your path to Clarity of what you’re here for.

Whip out your trusty compass and map and learn how where you’re at plays a role in what you’re experiencing Emotionally, Mentally and Physically


When Can You Join?

Admission in the Perfect Aligning PlayGroup Mentorship is on a rolling basis. This means a new group can be forming at any time throughout the year. This allows smaller groups to go through the mentorship together. And smaller groups means each member is able to get personalized attention with me to ensure you’re fully understanding what you’re learning and can apply it later. So sign up today!

The next PlayGroup is preparing to begin their Journey June 2021Will you be in it? Save your spot today!

What if I can’t make it live to a session?

Totally understand! Ideally, you’d be able to attend live to get the most out of your experience. The sessions will be recorded and made available for only those in your PlayGroup and you can reference them whenever you can.

Each session contains built-in time to review how you’re integrating the previously presented concepts. So if you have any questions or need some clarity, send it over before the next session so I may answer for you.

I learn all of this, then what?

You’re not totally thrown to the wolves! You’ll see that what you learn and experience equips you to whip out the relevant concept of the Perfect Aligning PlayGround Method when you need to.

Aaaand, we’ll have a PlayGroup Reunion to check in and see what’s been going on for you and if there’s any clarification, insight or direction needed to help you feel stronger and more confident to further integrate this method in your Self Healing Journey.

What happens after I sign up?

First, woot woot – congratulations for taking the next step in your Self Healing Journey! And, thank you for allowing me to guide you. Much love!

You’ll come to a page where you’ll submit info about yourself so I can get to know you a bit before we get started.

Also, depending on the time you register, be on the look out for EMAILS with deets on your PlayGroup. That’ll be the primary form of communication (unless something changes…and you’ll be made aware of it!) so make sure you use an email you check frequently.

‘Whitelist’ these email addresses: hellothere@deniceahilton and

What If I Want To Do This With You One-To-One?*

That’s totally possible! I limit the number of women I work with throughout the year to make sure she really gets it and has what she needs to be able to use what she’s learning on her own. 

You’d create space for us to work together for 8 weeks, followed by one (1) month online support…so that’s 12 weeks of awesomeness! The enrollment for this delectable one to one experience is $2,995 when paid in full or $800 per month for four months.

If this is more your speed, then hit me up to see if there’s space available for us to get started!

What Are Accepted Payment Options?

Debit/Credit cards are accepted. Also, some HSA accounts can be used as I’m a practicing Doctor of Oriental Medicine and we review food therapy, wellness and lifestyle options during your experience (sometimes considered consultations for some companies.)

On a case by case basis, other payment options will be considered. Contact me for details. 

As part of the Philanthropy and Giving aspect of Hilton Holistic Health, partial scholarships may be available for the Perfect Aligning PlayGroup Mentorship. Contact me for details.

*Pricing is subject to change without notice.

Ready to Join the Mentorship?

Would love to join you in your Holistic Healing Journey