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Thank you for attending the Women’s Perfect Health event with me! You’re welcome to pre-order your signed copy here of upcoming book at 10% off.

“Nobody’s perfect.”

“I’m not perfect.”

Sound familiar? I’m sure it does. And because of that, women are going around believing that they have to “recover” or “get it together” or “fix” themselves all the time. You see, with this way of thinking, you’re living segmented and putting parts of you in repair shops. Setting yourself up for constant maintenance. 

We’ve got Being Perfect all backwards! 

Grab your gear and get ready to go on an adventure where no woman’s gone before…to the land of Perfection!

Actually, you’re in it right now and just didn’t know it! In this Playbook, you’ll embark on a journey where you’re invited to really look into the ways you’ve bought into how you “should be” living which has caused many to think they’re not enough and need to be fixing themselves all the time.

From Z to A, you’ll learn all the ways that you are Perfect and how to embrace and embody those aspects so that you may realize your potential and to live your life more aligned with your Spirit, Mind and Body. 

So that in the beginning, you’ll wanna stand confidently and shout, “I Am Perfect!” (and mean it!)

The time has come (and sure hope you’re ready for it) that women are in an environment that celebrates Being her Authentic Self! There is enough out there that jumps at the opportunity to leverage lower self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem. Booooring! 🙄 🥱

This book came about to shake up what’s been taught, told and accepted for women’s way of Being. De’Nicea’s intention is to bring a different perspective and connect elements that are in front of you which offer you the chance to grow and evolve – to grow and evolve into the version that’s more Authentic.

She takes you on a playful experience where you feel welcome to be who you are. This is #nojudgmentzone, my dear (✋🏽 enough of that already!) I get it, it’s gonna be a bit different for some of you, including some concepts you may not be aware of.

All that’s asked is that come with an open Heart, Mind and Spirit…who knows what possibilities come your way. All you have to do is PLAY ‘n SEE (Potential in Learning About Yourself in Self-Enlightenment and Evolution!)

So get ready to explore parts of your life in ways you may not have even thought about – and all filled with love!  

Can You See It?

See how you’re being supported throughout your life, see what’s available at your disposal in understanding who you are from a holistic perspective and see that you’re more comfortable in BEING that person in any environment.

Totally possible for you, and I appreciate you for welcoming me in this phase of your Self Healing Journey and allowing me to guide you to see this version of yourself. So get your Playbook today (and get others for your family and friends) and let’s get this party started!


Meet The Author

De’Nicea Hilton believes serious healing doesn’t have to be so serious! Drawing from her life and experience as a doctor of eastern medicine, she shares ways you can play while discovering the Potential in Learning About Yourself (you catch that? It’s P.L.A.Y. too!) for Holistic Healing. One of her foundational beliefs is that we’re all Perfect...and she’s on an adventure to help 80,000 women realize their true potential by Embracing, Embodying and Expressing her Perfect Authentic Self. She’ll nerd out on PlayDates with others who’re just as psyched about bridging the Spiritual and Physical experience together. You’ll find her playing in the kitchen, going on random fun adventures with family and friends and trying to keep her garden alive.

Questions You May Have

It’s scheduled to be released Spring 2021. We know things can happen and if there are any delays, the site will be updated and you’ll be notified.

Thanks for pre-ordering! It’s expected the book will release early December. Pre-orders for signed copies will be accepted until December 5, 2020 at 11:59pm EST. After that, expect to see it in your mailbox within a couple of weeks.

Oh yes! Still figuring out some details, but thinking some time in late Spring or early Summer 2021. Be on the lookout in your email for your invitation to join virtually!

Aaaaw – this is awesome and thank you for considering I Am Perfect! for your book club. Please email De’Nicea at hellothere@deniceahilton.com to see if she may be able to guest for a meeting.

Oooo…guess what! There are some plans to have book discussions in the upcoming I Am Perfect! Club – an online safe space community for women desiring to have play-versations about what they’re learning and integrating in their life from the I Am Perfect! Book and Podcast. Sign up for the waitlist at joindenicea.com

So appreciate you for wanting to provide a tool for women to Embrace, Embody and Express Her Perfect Authentic Self! Bulk orders are available at a volume discount – please contact De’Nicea at hellothere@deniceahilton.com and she’ll take it from there.

Oh heck yeah – totally possible! And, thank you for considering me and passing along my name and work. It is in partnering with others that tremendous change can happen for women around the world. Please contact De’Nicea at hellothere@deniceahilton.com to discuss details of your proposed event, workshop or training.

Ready to Claim Your Perfection?

(Because, guess what? You already are!)