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What’s It Like Working with a Holistic Period & Fertility Strategist?

I know, I know…it’s different! So, allow me to let you know what it’s like. Just because you landed on this page, you’re curious. May even have some questions. Questions like…

Can De’Nicea help me have a regular and healthier cycle?


Can De’Nicea help me be in a healthier state to potentially have a baby?


Can De’Nicea help me understand myself and confident to Be who I am?

Ok, ok…maybe they’re not exactly like that, but you get the gist!

You’re in the right place if you are:

African female juice bar owner looking away and thinking
Happy woman preparing food at table in kitchen
When you partner with me to support you on your Holistic Menstrual Health Journey, you can expect:
This all sounds flow-tabulous, right?! And, you’re already curious about what’s available for your to get started. Hold on one sec! There’s a reeeally important note I have to make right here before you move forward. If you move forward, you must agree that you’re looking to engage ALL aspects of yourself as you go on this journey of Being Whole Using the Menstrual Cycle as Your Guide. Any path you choose to take will incorporate the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual elements of you. So, do you agree? Yes? Sweeet!

If you’re feelin’ the Holistic approach and strategies and ready to go, then explore the options below.

If not, that’s totally ok! There are some amazing practitioners and coaches out there that I’m sure you’ll find to be a match for what you’re looking for and I send you all the Blessings and clarity you need.

Involving someone in this particular area of your life is a big decision. It’s very intimate and personal. I get it! This is something I don’t take lightly and would be honored to guide you.

Why am I saying “guide” you?

Well, you’ve come to a conclusion of what you’d like to see for yourself (for example, a healthier cycle, increased fertility or more aware to sync with yourself) and now I come along to lead and advise you along the way.

My role is to


Teach you to understand yourself through the lens of your cycle


See what may be missing and...


Offer recommendations, encouraging words and insight

Your Role

I can’t live your life for you, right? This is a daily walk YOU are experiencing, including implementing any changes or habits that would support you in your goals and journey.

I’m guiding you along as you’re making this transition in evolving closer to your Inner Being. You’re ultimately responsible for this change you’d like to see and I get the honor of participating in guiding and observing along the way.

Because you’re basically becoming a different and new version of yourself, you’re learning what you need to support that person. Making these changes can be challenging and confusing, but they don’t have to be. That’s what I’m here for!

You Benefit From De’Nicea’s Studies and Practice!

You’re being guided by someone who’s studied (and continues to study) menstrual health and all that goes with it for years. Over time, I’ve had to unlearn things that I was taught after realizing it wasn’t healthy.  Even had to reframe some of the info to be more of highlighting and bringing out the strengths of people. I mean, why do we always have to look for what’s “wrong?”

Sure, I’ve learned how to use some tools like magnet therapy, acupressure, herbs, supplements, meditations, visualizations, lab tests, food therapies (and more!) but choosing which to use comes from seeing actually knowing where you are right now and where do you need the support.

Seeing you as a Whole Being from a holistic view through the lens of the menstrual cycle. After your initial observation and identifying the areas of support, then (and only then) do the proper tools to use show up.

Ok, ok - De’Nicea and I need to talk already!
Why do I bring this up?

It’s because of the many complaints and stories I hear about trying this and trying that or Dr. Google says do this or my friend says this other thing will work. Oh, wait, my mom and aunt said this other things will do the trick.

The problem with aaalll of this is that you discount that you are a Unique Being.

Just as you are a Unique Being, your requirements for support are different.

Think about it: We can’t use the same quantity or quality of food, water, soil, fertilizer to grow apples as we do to grow calla lilies! Someone learned the nice mix of resources for each of these to grow and thrive in their own right.

It’s when you BEGIN from a place of Self-Awareness, that you can begin to identify what needs to be added, subtracted, changed, multiplied, divided, etc.

That’s what I bring to you – the way to increase your Awareness about yourself holistically that you begin to not only learn what to do but you understand WHY.

This pivotal difference is this process sets you up for long term success relying on yourself as the Guide and everyone and everything else is to help you along the way.

What happens when you operate from this way?

The women I’ve worked with understood this foundational factor and use the tools to this day. They’ve found success in their short term goal of a healthier cycle or a baby and at the same time, found success in growing more Aware and Confident who she is as a Whole Being!

She understood this concept and it translates into a life she’s actively and consciously creating in alignment with her Inner Being. Learning more about herself through the lens of her Menstrual Cycle was the first stepping stone.

It’s great to hear about the women who’s had success in their journey and at the same time, I’m gonna describe the types of women that this process is NOT for.


We may not be a good fit if you’re:
  • Seeking a quick (wham, bam, thank you, ma’am!) treatment – going this route doesn’t necessarily support the underlying or root causes of unfavorable symptoms you’re experiencing
  • Looking for specific herbs or supplements to blindly use – there’s a bunch out there on Google already, yet the difference is learning what YOU actually need and guidance in HOW to use them
  • Not understanding that this is a process and allow time for the effects to show up after implementing changes – you didn’t JUST get here…this has been a long time build-up to get to where you are today and will take some time for the effects of Guided Implementation to show. Our hormones respond at different rate than our microbiome, which is different than what our tongue would show
  • Not willing to accept you’re a Whole Being – of Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health. These are processes to bring you into Wholeness. You’ve been walking around fragmented by not learning about your menstrual health already. Acknowledging and addressing all parts of you leads you in living a more fulfilled life.
  • Only focused on trying to conceive – I doubt this is really your goal. I bet it’s more about having a healthy pregnancy, birth, recovery, baby and you.
  • Not open to accepting guidance from someone else – I get that it can scary having someone else offering help in a way that you’re not accustomed to. There’s a fine line between outright second-guessing and challenging everything and honoring your intuition. The former can lead to a very tension-filled relationship that won’t really be helping to move you closer to your goals.


If you’re saying, “Ok, these aren’t me…I’m good to go.” Then great! You’re still with me.

With any new decision that comes to us, we’re weighing our options and assessing our level of risk. Here’s a little tidbit of advice: if you’re feeling nervous or fearful and at the same time, there’s an inkling of excitement, that’s awesome!

Or, even a feeling of safety and comfort – yes!


Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

There’s a bit of hesitation with anything new and different. Heck, I get that way if I see a different fruit or vegetable I’d like to try! Will I like it? How does it taste? How do I cook it?

All valid questions. And, in this case, what I can assure you is that you will not be the same person that you started out as.

Be taking the very next step, you’re taking a risk and trusting that you will have a different result than what you’ve been getting.

You know what you’ve been doing so far isn’t quite muddled, unclear and confusing. Ask yourself, how much longer are you willing to go like that?

A couple of things that stick out when women are thinking about what their next step is:

  1. Why didn’t I learn this about my Cycle and myself before?
  2. I’m scared of the changes and if I can do them


I’ve made it as easy as I can to help you make the decision of getting the support you need in your Holistic Menstrual Health journey. If you’d like to chat with me to get some guidance, schedule a free consultation and let’s help you get clear on what you’d like to move forward on.

Here are some things to consider as you’re making a decision:

  • Think about WHERE YOU’RE AT right now
  • Where you WANT TO BE
  • What TYPE of support you need to get to where you want to be (like do you need more accountability, regular check-in’s, more DIY, etc.)
  • What are you willing to TRADE OFF to get there


So let’s talk it out in your no-obligation consultation! Better to get your questions answered then to be left wondering. And, you’ll be clear on what to do next!