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Journal your way to creating holistically intentional days that're aligned with your Perfect Authentic Self!

Writing your intentions and desires is such a beautiful place to be! It opens you to the infinite Possibilities and Potential that’s available to you.

In your journal, it’s your safe container that holds your thoughts, emotions, passions, energy and more. 

Imagine what’s possible in your holistic healing simply by writing with directed prompts

By being asked questions, you’re already beginning to search for the answer (thanks, Brain and neuroplasiticity!) So, what better way to live the life you’re desiring than by answering simple and powerful questions to declare what you’d like experience daily.

Oh what a day...

you can create with guided intention

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What would your day be like when it embraces your Wholeness and Completeness?

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Meditations & Visualizations

Meditations and visualizations come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, looks, feels! So enjoy these five (5) playful-inspired guided Meditations and Visualizations.

They’re intended to activate your imagination – that creative part of your Self – allowing the energy of fun to express. They explore areas of your Being that may not be open or explored, making way for you to Embrace your Wholeness and Completeness.

These meditations and visualizations complement your Experience with the Perfect Day Guide in that they invite the Inner Being to come forth more and therefore, you’re declaring your desires and intentions in your journal from you Core Being.

They have binaural beats within the music, so please wear headphones so that your brain can facilitate the meditation and visualization process!


"Serious Healing Doesn't Have to Be So Serious."

De'Nicea Here!

Holistic Well-Being Consultant | Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Play-tabulous to meet ya! As I’d been working with Women over the years, I saw the impact on Women’s Health when only focusing on symptoms and conditions without consideration for the Whole Being. So, now I create Playful Healing Spaces that bridge the Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical aspects to Heal Holistically. 

So, whether Holistic Healing is brand new to you or you’re looking for a different perspective than what you’ve been doing, I’ve got you covered. All in all, the vision I see for Women is that you’re Healing in many dimensions and levels by connecting the dots (for Purpose and Meaning) using tools that’re fit FOR YOU and you see that it all begins with you Being just who You are – your Perfect Authentic Self.

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This guide can foster the Holistic Healing for you – Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally and Physically.)

And, at the same time, here’s a

Special note about the Guide

Getting the Perfect Day Guide is not to be misconstrued as medical advice and is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Your participation in using the Perfect Day Guide does NOT mean you’ve become a patient of De’Nicea’s or Hilton Holistic Health and Wellness. There is no assessment or diagnosis made, and you’re encouraged to speak with your healthcare provider about anything you’re looking for (Yes, De’Nicea can become your Consultant and provider in certain cases – feel free to ask about it!)