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while optimizing your Holistic Health, Well-Being and Leadership!

The Perfect PlayGroundan online community Sanctuary for Women Executives, Entrepreneurs and Leaders to Expand in Holistic Health and Leadership – by Being your Perfect Authentic Self

You Want In?

You ready, my dear? Ready to lay the many masks you’re wearing to rest and come to your Perfect Authentic Self? Ready to shift into expanded awareness about your life where you’re truly empowered? Ready to be with other women who’re just as excited about Being their Perfect Authentic Self?

Be in an Environment that welcomes you and your Perfect Authentic Self! You’ll be with other women who’re Intentionally Designing their life that optimizes their Holistic Healing, Well-Being and Leadershipfulfilling their purpose in alignment Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally and Physically.

Oooo…yaaaasss! I’ve been waitin’ for you and I’m honored we’ve crossed paths!

What Connects Us

You’re in beautiful company of other women who’re in a place in their lives realizing the value of Being who she is authentically – in ANY place.

While she knows this, she desires being connected with others in an Environment that supports her in Being so – where there’s no judgment. Simply witnessing and celebrating!

We (en)Vision

While at The Perfect PlayGround, we’re coming to together in unity (Community, hehe) sharing a vision of:

A Place Where Holistic Health and Leadership Intersect...

Because your Holistic Health impacts the way you lead, and the way you lead impacts your Holistic Health


We Realize (the Why)

Your holistic health impacts the way you lead, and the way you lead impacts your Holistic Health

Even while realizing this, many communities, classes and trainings are one sided: either about health or about business. Filled with info, tips and strategies that may drive a wedge between who we are authentically and what we’re to portray to others…and this is where the health conditions may pop up. (Hello, hormone disharmonies, digestive upset, anxiety, depression, etc.!)

There’s a vital need for a place where you come to see that Being who you are in your own way IS leadership.

Becoming aware that you can be successful (in whatever that means for you) in a way that doesn’t compromise your Health and Well-Being.

Where most places ask you to be one way, you realize your Soul’s asking you to really be You – and that requires an Environment that believes in YOU, your Potential and the Possibilities for that to happen.

We Believe

Women on The Perfect PlayGround believe she’s on a mission – fulfilling her purpose (in whatever way that looks like!)

Aaaand we believe in fulfilling our Purpose as our Perfect Authentic Self. 

The Perfect PlayGround is a place to learn the messages coming from the Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical symptoms to guide you in remembering your Perfect Authentic Self…and to be comfortable and confident in that.

We’re done “searching” for our Selfwe’re BEING our Perfect Authentic Self.

How Do You Want to Play?

You've Got Options

We Honor

On the PlayGround, we honor the Journey for ourselves and the Journey for others. We get to witness this and celebrate one another along the way.

We are simply Present (not seeking any agreement or disagreement, right or wrong)…to Be in whatever that looks like.

It’s More than Just Me

You’ve got a Heart to serve – yassss! At the PlayGround, we know that we may offer service to others from a joyful, peaceful and harmonious place when we’re our Perfect Authentic Self. (Yes, both can happen!)

As you experience what it’s like to Be in an Environment that cultivates your Perfect Authentic Self, you’ll begin to create that for others: at home and in business. 

We’re all coming together designing these magical Environments where we believe and see that we’re more powerful in creating a world that’s full of love and compassion – just by Being our Perfect Authentic Self.

What Happens While Here

You’re in the midst of transformation! I mean, you’re transforming all the time…and NOW we’re being Intentional here.

And, as you’re evolving, having a spot where you can come to receive encouragement, tools and recommendations to foster your vision of Holistic Health, Well-Being and Leadership is key!

At The Perfect PlayGround, be free and play with Tools to Re-Source* for Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical Healing and Well-Being – learn about them AND experience them, so you see you can implement them in your life easily and sustainably

*(SN: Re-Source = come to Source…Your Perfect Authentic Self)

You’re living your life every day, so on the PlayGround, there’s no “being behind” or “catching up” or “rushing” – the activities and space are here for you and what calls you will be appropriate and Divine for THAT time. And if you’re desiring to allocate more energy to what’s being offered here and need some creativity on how you can make it happen, that’s what we’re here for!

The PlayGround's Alive!

The Perfect PlayGround is a living, breathing space that changes as De’Nicea sees what’s happening in the collective group, their desires and what could be supported. As an eco-system, Giving and Receiving are happening simultaneously. You actively taking part in the activities and sharing feed-forward is what’ll be facilitating YOUR Evolution aaaaaand the PlayGround’s.

Ways to Play

(Remember, PLAY = using activity and re-creation to tap into the Potential in Learning About Yourself!)

The Perfect PlayGround houses a few ways for you to Play in your Holistic Health, Well-Being and Leadership journey – ranging from self-study to community. The intention is to explore what tickles your fancy as you embark on this playful adventure of interpreting and integrating what your Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical messages are for your Soul’s evolution.

Bring out the child within that’s saying, “Let’s Play!” Be curious and open to what’s calling you.


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See You on the PlayGround!

Come PLAY at the intersection of Holistic Health, Well-Being and Leadership - all while BEING your Perfect Authentic Self