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The Perfect PlayGroundan online community Sanctuary for Women Executives, Entrepreneurs and Leaders to Expand in Holistic Health and Leadership – by Being your Perfect Authentic Self!

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You ready, Perfect Being, you? Ready to go all in truly exploring the messages coming from your Holistic Health and learning the wisdom they have to offer you so you can Be who you are – with Confidence, Compassion and Consciousness.

Ready to surrender to your Evolution so you can Lead more wholly with ease and grace in ALL areas of your life.

Ready to implement self-guided, empowered steps to intentionally design the Environments that’re conducive to your growth and development – at home and in business.

Oh heck yaaaasss! I’ve been waitin’ for you and I’m honored we’ve crossed paths!

Is The Collective for Me?

Oooo…you mean I get to reeeeally get in there with more immersive experiences to go beyond learning to participating in transformational activities designed for me to BE my Perfect Authentic Self – Intentionally Designing Environments for optimizing my Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical Health. Let’s do it!

The Collective is perfect for you if you’re in agreement with these statements:

A Place Where Holistic Health and Leadership Intersect...

Because your Holistic Health impacts the way you lead, and the way you lead impacts your Holistic Health

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There are several ways that’s made it easy for you to join and access the community – right at your fingertips!

Play in the Collective

You’re welcome to join The Collective and engage via the website or on The Perfect PlayGround App (available in Apple and Google Play stores)

Here's What You'll Experience in The Collective

As a member of The Collective at The Perfect PlayGround, a MONTHLY theme that affects your Holistic Health, Well-Being and Leadership is introduced and serves as the anchoring point for the playful activities. Here are some ways you’ll play:

Rotating goodness

Get ready for these goodies that’ll be happening at various times where you’ll get notice so you can sign up for any that you’d like to participate in. As you’ve seen, the PlayGround is very much so alive – so if there’s anything De’Nicea may see would benefit the Collective, she’s got the opportunity to switch things up and have ready for ya!


Experiential PlayShops

Combine integration through activity and then allow the intellect (aka Mind) to catch up - a process to activate and catalyze transformation in Spirt, Mind and Body


MasterBeing Rounds

(because only mastering the mind goes only so far!) where you get to harness the power of a group moving towards the same intention of a way of Being that enhances your Holistic Health, Well-Being and Leadership


Roundtable Discussions

opening your Self to ideating, strategizing, brainstorming and collaborating on creating Environments (aka Culture) that harnesses Authentic Being for improved confidence, relationships, productivity and more - at home and at work


Blind Micro-Mentoring

(Surprise!) a spin on traditional mentorship that connects you to someone aligned on values and vision for one Self for short bursts of encouragement and guidance


Book and Movie Club

Discussions about micro-books that De’Nicea sees as small books that offer mega impact in your Personal Healing Journey…and movies, too!


Podcast Listener Jam Sessions

Chat live with De’Nicea and meeting other listeners about your Personal Healing Journey and Leadership and what you’re seeking answers to - influencing future I Am Perfect! Podcast seasons

Core Monthly Awesomeness

Here’s the awesomeness that’ll be open for you to Play with on a monthly basis. As a way to get you aligned to the natural Environment that you’re in daily, the month changes over at the First Quarter Moon. So you’ll see when that’ll be and the upcoming Theme for that cycle.


Curated PlayBook

chock full of a myriad of activities that involves Spirit, Mind and Body to integrate the month’s theme sure to change the trajectory of your Holistic Health, Well-Being and Leadership


Guided Meditations and Visualizations

Various types (ranging from moving to still to breathwork and more!) channeled to elicit the body to calm allowing room for your natural healing capabilties to occur, heightened awareness to hear answers to questions (hello intuition!) and clarity

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Sips 'n

Indulge in monthly exclusive tea blend along with invite to Sips ‘n Soul-versations, a guided experience facilitating deeper processing and integration of the month’s theme


Celebrating You Happy Hour

Activating gratitude and appreciation (opening you to experience more!), let’s celebrate what you’ve seen as changes in your Environment - just by being you


Fireside Q&A Chats

Get holistic insight and guidance in your Holistic Health and Well-Being (and how it applies to your Leadership skills)


Collective Giving

Simply by investing in you, you’re offering a gift (part of net proceeds) to a non-profit that’s voted on and rotated monthly


Private Community Chat

ask questions and explore what it means to experience Holistic Health and its impact on Leadership skills, including what you’re learning and integrating from the I Am Perfect! Podcast

DH2018-62 (1)

Connect with De'Nicea

This is where she hangs out to chat with you about the awesomeness of Holistic Health, Well-Being and Leadership


Tools to

Be introduced to tools you can use that facilitates the process of you coming to Source: your Perfect Authentic Self, including special member pricing and early access

Ready to get started?

Oh yes - count me in for The Collective!

I'm De'Nicea Hilton Harper

Pleasure to meet you!

Your Host and Creator of The Collective at The Perfect PlayGround 

While practicing as a Doctor of Eastern Medicine and Holistic Well-Being Consultant, I saw a link between the physical conditions women were experiencing and the lack of awareness and expression of the Authentic Self.

This sparked the idea to create Playful and Practical Healing Spaces for Women to Intentionally Design Her Life for her Perfect Authentic Self to shine – all while improving her Holistic Health experiences.

And, with The Collective, I get to present opportunities where you’re going beyond simply learning – you’re actively implementing so you can see that you can do it (and there are many ways!) and connecting with others who’re creating these Environments too and you get to ideate, strategize and cheer each other on!

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What Happens When You Join The Collective

Ready to hop in The Collective? Yes! 

I consider The Perfect PlayGround a sanctuary, so you’ll experience an onboarding process, including a Welcome Party!

This is all to welcome you whole-heartedly and let you know how to navigate the space. Areas are pretty well organized, so all ya gotta do is follow it in order, and you’re all set!

Here's What You'll See When You Join The Collective

De’Nicea officially welcomes you to the Community

Disclaimer and Agreements of being a member of The Crew at The Perfect PlayGround – this is a way to ensure everyone who comes in begins on the same page upholding love and compassion for your Self and others

Download your monthly PlayBook where you’ll be introduced to and guided with playful activities created for your Spirit, Mind and Body to integrate the month’s theme sure to change the trajectory of your Holistic Health, Well-Being and Leadership

Dates and links to join live events, such as Roundtable Discussions, MasterBeing Round Sessions, Sips ‘n Soul-versations, Fireside Q&A Chats, Podcast Influencer Sessions and more so you can put in your calendar to attend

Access to PlayShops for you to do on your own time, at your convenience, along with any links to join live discussions with De’Nicea and any guest hosts of PlayShops so you’re able to discuss your experience and ask any questions that may support you in further integrating what you’ve learned into your life

Notifications of insights that come up to share with you – as a message to serve the Collective in your Soul’s evolution and Holistic Healing, Well-Being and Leadership

Access to PlayGround 101 – an intro to get you set in understanding where De’Nicea is coming from when speaking about various aspects playing a role in your Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical Health…and then how that intersects with your Leadership

Directions to participate in the Chat with other members – intro yourself, start a convo, participate in one, whatever’s calling you!

Links and promo codes for your Tools to Re-Source that you can call on whenever you’d like to learn a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ that you can implement in your life influencing your Holistic Health, Well-Being and Leadership, including classes, services and events that De’Nicea is hosting

Opportunities to support non-profit organizations by nominating them for Collective Giving and/or features so their mission can be presented to others letting them know about their awesomeness – and to generate support!

Announcements about classes, services and events that De’Nicea is hosting – and you’re invited! You’ll be the first to know about them so you may grab a spot or any incentives

See You in The Collective

Click below to officially join The Collective at The Perfect PlayGround. I'm ready to welcome you and guide you along in connecting the dots in your
Holistic Healing, Well-Being and Leadership!

*Includes 2 weeks trial. Prices subject to change at any time without notice. Cancel at anytime.