Flow·ology Planner + Journal

The Discovery, Art and Science of You Through the Lens of Your Menstrual Cycle

Flow·ology Planner + Journal

The Discovery, Art and Science of You Through the Lens of Your Menstrual Cycle

Get the Planner + Journal that Actually Supports You to Align Your Mind, Body and Spirit Using the Cycle as Your Guide

Begin the study of yourself with Flow·ology Planner + Journal. By using this, you’ll

If you’re going through life planning everything else? Why isn’t your Cycle with it?

Your ability and ease at completing tasks, scheduling social activities, playing, laughing, mindfulness are related to your Cycle.

Your every day Cycle app isn’t going to help you see how your lifestyle is relating to your Cycle.

What would it be like to have the tool to:

It would be totally flow-tabulous, I know! 

And, now you can have it in your hands with the Flow·ology Planner + Journal! 

Are You...

You’re In Your Cycle Every Day

Many tend to think of their Cycle being separate of themselves and even a separate occurrence.

Actually, it is a part of who you are! Not only is it a part of you, but you’re in your Cycle EVERY DAY. 

Better yet, bringing your life experiences with your Cycle allows you to see how your choices are interplaying with what is expressing itself as your Cycle.

The Flow·ology Journal + Planner helps you do just that: 

combine your everyday life tasks, thoughts, appointments personal development with your Cycle in ONE spot.

What’s Inside Your Six (6) Cycle, Undated Planner + Journal:

*Insert cliche moment here (I’ve always wanted to say this)…But, Wait! There’s More!

Special Gifts For You!

  1. Access to the Flow·ology Planner + Journal Course to Learn How to Get the Most Out Of Your Planner and Journal
  2. Access to two (2) meditations to guide you into welcome healthy functioning and expression of the two major phases of your Cycle


Here’s Another Gift – Flow·ology Planner + Journal Release Special!

Get your copy and you’ll get 3 months access to the Flow·ology Membership (beginning mid-October!)

Aaaand, for using your Flow·ology Planner + Journal, you could win a personal message from the creator to help you along in your journey!

If you’ve followed along with the directions of the Planner + Journal and logged everything for at least one complete Cycle, you can enter the monthly drawing to win a personal voice message from the creator, De’Nicea Hilton, with some insight and tips on where to make adjustments.* 

De’Nicea’s the Period Bypassing(™) Founder, Health and Leadership Speaker, Holistic Period & Fertility Strategist, and Doctor of Oriental Medicine. 

She’s taken her experience speaking with girls, teens and women in audiences and in her clinic and created the Flow·ology Planner + Journal as an answer to the major problems with helping to have healthier Cycles and increased fertility.

Problems such as:

Your Cycle has some messages for you about your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health.

Often times, the questions come in the form of:

What usually gets your attention about your Menstrual Cycle are the symptoms during PMS or the actual bleed time.

Symptoms like: 

But, did you know there’s much other insight your Cycle can offer?

You’re probably only tracking when your active bleed or Period begins and ends, but did you know there are many other physical presentations, mental thoughts, feelings and connectedness that should be logged as well?

Are the food choices, herbs, supplements, acupuncture, bodywork, massage, acupressure, chiropractic, medications, whatever working? 

Maybe. Maybe not. You may have been doing a lot. Throwing it against the wall and seeing what sticks. You say, “I don’t think it worked.” Or, “I couldn’t really tell a difference.” Or, “Now what do I do?” 

Here’s the thing…how do you really know if it was helping or not if you’re not tracking what’s happening with your Cycle on a daily basis?

Some of those effects may be showing up in other places first.  And, most don’t realize that it can take some lifestyle changes to show its effects at least 4-6 weeks later of consistent use. (Some things like acupuncture and chiropractic care can sometimes show results faster and when combined with other therapies, you may get longer term results.)

Taking you from self-confusion to self-clarity through self-awareness!

Self-Care is Self-Aware

Choosing your self-care practice? What about using your Cycle to decide which practice would be best for you?

And from this place, you can see where you’re coming into alignment Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually.

You are clear on what serves you and what doesn’t – leading to establishing healthy boundaries.

You can have this and see this with the Flow·ology Planner + Journal. Get yours today!As you’re looking at options of what to do for self-care, you’ll see what activities have you been doing that actually are favorable to having a healthier Cycle and which aren’t. (Not all self-care practices are for you!)

At different points in your Cycle, you may be drawn to certain practices more so than others. Matter of fact, I recommend doing that! And, what better way to know which you prefer than reviewing what you’ve done in your Planner and seeing the results?

When you become more aware about what is happening in your Cycle along with what’s going on in your life, you have a visual to analyze trends and observe the effects of any lifestyle changes you make.

You become more in tune with yourself.

*Proof of purchase and documentation from using the planner must be shown prior to receiving your personal voice message.