UnSlumber Party! Day Retreat

Spring into Action in Your Holistic Healing

Saturday, March 26 at 10am

Springtime is here!

You’re coming out of the slowness and the cocoon of the Winter. You’re probably feeling that annual urge to purge or to get moving even more.

How timely – You’re already syncing with the natural energies of the environment!

Imagine what could happen when you’re even more intentional with aligning with the season (and your Self!)

What would you like to experience in your healing?

You’re invited to (en)Vision and bring into fruition the next step in your Holistic Healing Journey. 

Experience a playful journey THROUGH the Five Elements (of Chinese Medicine) where you’ll end in the Spring energy of the Wood Element. You’ll be guided through a series of playful activities and rest to allow for integration of what you’re learning.

You’ll see just how easy (and fun!) it is to take small Inspired Action steps that have major impact in your Holistic Healing.

During this UnSlumber Party, you’ll be guided through a playful process chock full o’ activities that:

  • Centers and grounds you into yourself through the lens of the Five Elements harnessing their strengths when they are harmonized together.
  • Invites you to open yourself to the Possibilities that you’d like to experience in your Holistic Hormone Healing (and beyond!)
  • Clarifies and activates your next best step in your Holistic Healing Journey that aligns with your expressed desires, intentions and vision (aka taking inspired action on the spot to get you closer to your intentions and vision!)

In the end, you’ll have an image of what you’d like to experience in your Holistic Hormone Healing Journey that’s centered in YOU, transform into the Being that aligns with your vision and take your beginning steps into bringing your vision to life!

Your Retreat to Awaken Day

Here's what's included:

Ready to UnSlumber?!

Register for your preferred way to attend the UnSlumber Party.
(Welcoming 10 women for the live option.)

Looking for other payment options?

It’s my desire to create accessibility for those who would find this really useful. Contact me and let’s explore options – including extended payment plans and limited number of scholarships. 

What Happens When You Register?

registration confirmation

When you click button to register, you’ll be directed to submit your contact and payment info. After successful registration, you’ll be emailed a confirmation.

You’ll be invited to join a group chat that opens one (1) week prior to the UnSlumber Party.

Complete ALL forms 48 hours in advance of attending.

If you’re registered for the VIRTUAL option, you’ll receive the link to Zoom via the email you used to register.

If you’re attending LIVE, you’ll receive the address where the Retreat will be held.


Day-Of Logistics

Registration/Check-In – begins at 9:30am and we’ll get started at 10:00am. For those on Zoom, a waiting room is enabled to cross check for those who pre-registered, so please allow time for that to happen and welcome you into the room.

Breaks – yes, we totally need time to stretch and move about. Breaks will be done throughout the day allowing space for integration of what you’re learning.

Lunch – We will enjoy lunch together in an immersive experience. If you’re attending live, lunch will be provided. If you’re attending virtually, have your meal prepped beforehand. There will be time to heat and bring to where you’re seated, grab a drink, etc.


Zoom Tips for Best Enjoyment

Retreat “Venue” We will be using Zoom and this is done via VIDEO (can’t be an UnSlumber Party without seeing each other!) Desktop is highly recommended so you’re not holding your phone throughout our time together. You will be doing activities so would want to have your hands free to do them.



Be sure to use contact information to register that you check regularly. Any updates, including details of what to bring and how to prep will be sent to this email.

  • If it gets close to the event date and you haven’t received anything, check your Spam folder.
  • If still nothing, contact me at hellothere@deniceahilton.com.
Looking for other payment options?

It’s my desire to create accessibility for those who would find this really useful. Contact me and let’s explore options – including extended payment plans and limited number of scholarships. 

Meet Your Guide for the Day

What a pleasure to meet you!

Hiya, I'm De'Nicea

I see you! For real, for real, YOU – the woman who’s desiring someone that acknowledges her healing path needs a personalized, HOLISTIC approach. The woman who says, “teach me so I can apply it myself.” The woman who’s writing a different story for her healing knowing what’s happened for her family doesn’t have to be for her.

Told ya, I see you! Looking beyond the symptoms and conditions to learn their messages – bridging the physical experience with the psycho-spiritual and emotional Self, I guide women like you to aligning to your Perfect Authentic Self (and Holistically Harmonizing Hormones!)

A Holistic Well-Being Consultant and Doctor of Oriental Medicine (with a twist!), in playful healing spaces, I tap into the magic of the Five Elements to see connections of you as a Whole Person and paving the way for the Soul’s expression, whippin’ out tools such as herbs, essences, acu-therapy, meditation, food therapy, embodiment, mindfulness, supplements, functional medicine and more to support you in your Personal Healing Journey. It’s an honor to join you!

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Have a Group or Part of An Organization That Would Like to Host An UnSlumber Party?

Let’s Chat!

UnSlumber Parties can be modified to fit the requests of your group, while still supporting your participants to connect with and express their Authentic Self and learning ways to use their Spirit, Mind and Body cues as messages inviting them to heal.