Welcome to the
Perfect PlayGround!

Your online sanctuary to use the messages of your Whole Body Self to Lead Authentically in ALL areas of life - with Clarity, Confidence and Compassion

Let's play at the intersection of Authentic Leadership and Holistic Health!

Get Your Questions Answered at a Fireside Q&A Chat

Get your burning questions about Whole Body's messages as it relates to your Authentic Leadership and Holistic Health. Self-doubt, criticism and sabotage are welcome, too! You'll see why...
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Imagine a place where:

Cheerful beautiful plus size women at the beach

You Celebrate your Uniqueness and

Personal Journey

You are Free to Explore Potential as you Discover Truths about your


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You feel more Whole as you Evolve in a Way That’s Like

Coming Home

Explore Your Spirit, Mind and Body’s influence on leadership

with Play!

Join De'Nicea Hilton Harper

on the Perfect PlayGround to Lead Authentically by Discovering (and Being!)
Your Perfect Authentic Self - while Optimizing your Holistic Health

Whole. Complete. Perfect!

Claim Your Perfect(ion)

With P.L.A.Y. – you’ll create Environments where you become so aware of and comfortable with your Self that the perfect expression of who you are shines brilliantly and authentically.

This is how I got here…

As I’d been practicing over the years as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, I saw this link of symptoms and conditions to just how well they were expressing their core desires and Authentic Being – essentially influencing how they were leading in life. 

Got me thinking…if your Holistic Health influences the way you Lead, then the way you Lead influences your Holistic Health.

The PlayGround was born

And now here are playful experiences for you to use the messages of your Whole Body Self as guidance letting you know your unique Authentic Leadership style! 

So, whether blending Authentic Leadership + Holistic Heath is brand new to you or you’re looking for a different perspective than what you’ve been doing, I’ve got you covered.

All in all, the vision I see for you is that you get to feel comfy and cozy leading authentically with Purpose, Passion and Play in ALL areas of life –  using Tools that’re fit FOR YOU.

It all begins with you Being just who You are – your Perfect Authentic Self.

What's Your Body Saying About Your Leadership Style?

Jump in The Perfect Playground, where you’re
supported to Claim your

Power of Perfect(ion)



You’re listened to and welcomed with non-judgement



You’re guided along in your journey carefully and mindfully

Fashion Woman at Sunset


You’re acknowledged
and respected
As You are

Mother with little child at hme


You’re led to see and use
your own innate
gifts and abilities

Word on the Playground

Playful Spaces Connecting Your Spirit, Mind and Body

Choose Your Adventure in the PlayGround

You're desiring to simply be who you are Authentically in ALL areas of your life...woot woot!
Here are some options to support you in DISCOVERING who that is, strategies in BEING that and the types of internal + external ENVIRONMENTS that support you in your Journey.


Jump-Start Consultation

Consult and strategy on what you'd like clarity on in your Authentic Leadership + Holistic Health - in quick session - so can take quick inspired action



Master the Art of Being in 5-month, one-to-one within a small group - using messages of the Whole Body Self to Discover (and Be!) your unique Authentic Leadership style

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UnSlumber Party!

Retreat to Awaken with curated experiences for you to use Tools that facilitate the process of you coming to your Wholeness, discoveringmore of you are authentically

Free Play

Complimentary Tools to support you coming into your Whole Being -
your Perfect(ion) - so you may Lead Authentically in ALL areas of life


Leaders' Fireside Chat

Cozy Convo about Whole Body Self Messages + Authentic Leadership
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Online Community

Hangout for multipassionate, introvert + Empath Leaders


stream + Listen on your
fave platform