Welcome to the Integrated Healing Playground!

De’Nicea Here - Creating Playful Healing
Spaces for Your Spirit, Mind and Body

Play Telephone and Answer Your Spirit

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Imagine a place where:

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You Appreciate and Honor your Unique Self and

Personal Healing Journey

You are Free to Explore Potential as you Discover Truths about your


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You feel more Whole as you Evolve in a Way That’s

On Your Terms

Take Your Spirit, Mind and Body Healing to New Heights

with play!

Join De'Nicea Hilton

on the Integrated Healing Playground to Playfully Experience
Your Personal Healing Journey with Clarity, Compassion and Consciousness.

Discovering, Exploring and Experiencing Your

Personal Healing Journey

With play creates a space where you become so aware of and comfortable with your Self that the perfect expression of who you are shines brilliantly and authentically.

Playground Updates

Get Insight, Inspiration and Tips For Your Personal Healing Journey

Jump in the Integrated Healing Playground,
where you’re supported in the evolution of your

Personal Healing Journey



You’re listened to and welcomed with non-judgement



You’re guided along in your journey carefully and mindfully

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You’re acknowledged
and respected
As You are

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You’re led to see and use
your own innate
gifts and abilities

Your Healing is a Journey - not a Destination! So...

Enjoy the Adventure!

Transformations on the Playground

Playful Healing Spaces for Your Spirit, Mind and Body

Choose Your Adventure in the Integrated Healing Playground

You’re here looking for ways to grow and have a better relationship with your Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical Healing. Realizing there’s a lot at stake and it may be serious business but you wanna have fun along the way - with Play!

Allow me to show how this is all possible so you may experience a more Playfully aligned life with Clarity, Compassion and Consciousness.