Welcome to the
Perfect PlayGround!

Where you get to Discover (and Be!) your
Perfect Authentic Self
while Playing at the intersection of Authentic Leadership and Holistic Health

Now, let's get to Being IN Purpose by using the messages of your Whole Body Self to uncover your Perfect Authentic Leadership style...

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Get your burning questions about Whole Body's messages as it relates to your Authentic Leadership and Holistic Health
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Imagine a place where:

Cheerful beautiful plus size women at the beach

You Appreciate and Honor your Uniqueness and

Self Discovery Journey

You are Free to Explore Potential as you Discover Truths about your


Diverse woman shaking hands

You feel more Whole as you Evolve in a Way That’s

On Your Terms

Explore Your Spirit, Mind and Body’s influence on leadership

with Play!

Join De'Nicea Hilton Harper

on the Perfect PlayGround to Discovery (and Be!) Your Perfect Authentic Self -
while Optimizing your Holistic Health

Embrace, Embody and Express

Claim Your Perfect(ion)

With P.L.A.Y. – creating a space where you become so aware of and comfortable with your Self that the perfect expression of who you are shines brilliantly and authentically.

As I’d been working with Women over the years, I saw the impact on Women’s Health when only focusing on symptoms and conditions without consideration for the Whole Being. So, now I create Playful Healing Spaces that bridge the Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical aspects to Heal Holistically. 

So, whether Holistic Healing is brand new to you or you’re looking for a different perspective than what you’ve been doing, I’ve got you covered.

All in all, the vision I see for Women is that you’re Healing in many dimensions and levels by connecting the dots (for Purpose and Meaning) using tools that’re fit FOR YOU – and you see that it all begins with you Being just who You are – your Perfect Authentic Self.

Playground Updates

Get Tips, Tools and Truths for Your Holistic Hormone Healing

Jump in The Perfect Playground, where you’re
supported to Claim your

Power of Perfect(ion)



You’re listened to and welcomed with non-judgement



You’re guided along in your journey carefully and mindfully

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You’re acknowledged
and respected
As You are

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You’re led to see and use
your own innate
gifts and abilities

Your Healing is a Journey - not a Destination! So...

Enjoy the Adventure!

Transformations on the Playground

Playful Healing Spaces for Your Spirit, Mind and Body

Choose Your Adventure in the PlayGround

You’re here looking for ways to experience Holistic Hormone Harmony by way of Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical Healing. Let's leverage the ways you're Whole and Complete - your Power of Perfect(ion) - and let's do it with P.L.A.Y.

I Am Perfect! Academy
Courses with easy-to-implement action steps that encourage you to Embrace, Embody and Express your Perfect Authentic Self - and Holistically Harmonize your Hormones! Each course comes with access to Office Hours.
holistic healing plan in a day - GROuP VIP DAY
In a day, create a Holistic Healing Plan that's tailored to you and your Elemental Makeup. Within a group, you'll get personal attention and begin to implement your plan the same day.
UnSlumber Party!
Day Retreats
Retreat to Awaken! During these Retreats, you'll embark on an adventure where you're invited to playfully explore concepts that support you in Claiming Your Perfect Perfect Authentic Self (and Harmonizing Hormones!)

Free Play

Complimentary Resources For You To Begin To Embrace, Embody and Express
Your Perfect Authentic Self (and Harmonize Your Hormones!)