UnSlumber Party! Day Retreats

Leading Authentically in ALL areas of life is possible -
so Retreat to Awaken and experience ways to do so!

Retreat to Awaken!

Welcome to the Perfect Playground – an online sanctuary and training ground for Leaders to Discover (and Be!) their Perfect Authentic Selfwhile optimizing their Holistic Health.

Being IN Purpose is a Journey – not a destination! 

Activate your playful core engaging in various activities designed to use the messages of your Whole Body Self for wisdom and insight into your Authentic Leadership Style.

What’s an UnSlumber Party?

“Retreat to Awaken” at an UnSlumber Party, where you’ll connect with your Self and others in a way that’s nurturing and welcoming to your authentic Spirit…making way for some beautiful transformations to happen where you can readily tap into the tools that are ALREADY within you.

Donning your most comfy PJ’s, prepare to go on an adventure as you become aware of your Perception, shift Perspectives and explore Possibilities in the relationship with your Perfect Authentic Self and your Holistic Health – so you can Lead in ALL areas of Life with Clarity, Confidence and Compassion! 

Why use the symptoms experienced as guidance? Here’s a lil’ not-so secret, ANY Emotional, Mental or Physical symptom or condition are invitations for you to retreat, reassess and recalibrate. There’s much playing a role in what you’re experiencing right now. So, yeap, we’ll be playin’ with any symptoms AND other aspects since you’re just that Perfect (aka Whole and Complete…and connected!)

Where it may be confusing or unsure as to your Purpose or who your Authentic Self is, the beauty of it all is that you don’t have to look much farther than your Whole Body Self!

No UnSlumber Party is the same! Each UnSlumber Party will have a different theme that we’ll be working with that day. Albeit different, the result is the same: you’ll leave away with Tools to Re-Source that you can use at any point in your life (especially because you’ll see you’ve already used them during the UnSlumber Party!) as your guideposts for when you’ve got a Spiritual, Emotional, Mental or Physical message that’s calling your attention.

Where are these UnSlumber Parties?

Check out the registration page for upcoming UnSlumber Parties’ locations: they can be virtual or in-person.

Ready to UnSlumber?!

Click on any of the upcoming UnSlumber Party! Retreats listed below
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UnSlumber Party! Spring into your perfect(ion)

Saturday, April 20, 2024 In a day (with 7-day support), experience Tools to facilitate coming into your Wholeness - your Perfect(ion) - infused with Purpose, Passion and Play!

Have a Group or Part of An Organization That Would Like to Host An UnSlumber Party?

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UnSlumber Parties can be modified to fit the requests of your group, while still supporting your participants to connect with and express their Authentic Self and learning ways to use their Spirit, Mind and Body cues as messages inviting them to heal.

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What a pleasure to meet you!

Hiya, I'm De'Nicea

I see you! For real, for real, YOU – the woman who’s desiring someone that acknowledges her healing path needs a personalized, HOLISTIC approach. The woman who says, “teach me so I can apply it myself.” The woman who’s writing a different story for her healing knowing what’s happened for her family doesn’t have to be for her.

Told ya, I see you! Looking beyond the symptoms and conditions to learn their messages – bridging the physical experience with the psycho-spiritual and emotional Self, I guide women like you to aligning to your Perfect Authentic Self (and Holistically Harmonizing Hormones!)

A Holistic Well-Being Consultant and Doctor of Oriental Medicine (with a twist!), in playful healing spaces, I tap into the magic of the Five Elements to see connections of you as a Whole Person and paving the way for the Soul’s expression, whippin’ out tools such as herbs, essences, acu-therapy, meditation, food therapy, embodiment, mindfulness, supplements, functional medicine and more to support you in your Personal Healing Journey. It’s an honor to join you!

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See Ya at an UnSlumber Party!