Philanthropy & Giving

Offering Blessings to Activate a Ripple Effect
in Higher Consciousness

We’re all connected in some way, shape or form.

Transformations for women can be seen or sought at any time of their life.

Giving is something that was impressed upon us by my mother since we were young…even starting our own non-profit group in middle school! (Ooooh…shout out to the Planeteers!)

There have been many who’ve given to me in so many ways that helped me move forward in my life – so much gratitude and appreciation for them!

One of the things I learned during my life, as well as my experience in the non-profit industry is that Philanthropy is a giving of: time, money or treasure (or resources.)

While my current business may not be a non-profit organization, it surely is a giving one.

Ways I offer the gift of guiding women in Embracing, Embodying and Expressing Her Perfection Through Play comes in different forms, and I go with the flow as other opportunities arise.

Teen Girls and Women touch my heart, specifically, especially as we navigate growing up with these built-in beautiful gifts to be of service for others while simultaneously being surrounded by people, marketing messaging and reduced access to resources that seeks to inhibit this expression.

Forms of Giving

As my way of supporting Teen Girls and Women, here are the ways I’ve built in Giving to support who I can whenever possible.

Playfully Yours Blog – “Playfully Yours” is a blog inviting you to “Roll the Dice” (see that game right there? Hehe!) to get Insights, Inspiration and Tips for your Spirit, Mind and Body fresh off the Perfect PlayGround!

Playful Healing Journeys PodcastSerious healing doesn’t have to be so serious! Listen to the Playful Healing Journeys Podcast for mini-lessons on the PlayGround offering you insight into what’s playing a role in your Personal Healing Journey and what you can do about it. Assess your Perceptions, shift Perspectives and see the Possibilities in the healing journey of your Spirit, Mind and Body – using PLAY!

I understand there can be limitations presented where at the present time may prohibit someone from receiving assistance and just needs some help. One of these may be financial. This is where she can apply for a partial scholarship (limited availability) to reduce the cost to some of the Experiences on the PlayGround.

There are organizations or groups that are dedicated to bringing together Teen Girls and Women and offering ways to strengthen them in their Personal Evolution and by doing so, she’s equipped with more tools and resources for her Self and those she’s supporting. (Talk about seeing the ripple effect of a pebble in a river!) It can take much energy to do something like this and sometimes there is a limited budget to bring in outside resources to serve their community.

Throughout the year, there are times that I may be able to reduce the fee to speak or facilitate a workshop for limited number of groups. If this is you or you know someone, please schedule a PlayDate and see what we can come up with!

Shout-Out to these Organizations!

Here are a few organizations I’d like to introduce you to that I’m either currently working with or have in the past that I’m just so amazed by the work they do. Check them out and if you have a way to give, please do so!

Carved Out Divas

This beautiful organization involves two of the some of the best things: tea and conversations! Founder, Denise Thomas, formed this organization to bring together Teen Girls and be that space for them to open up and talk about what’s going on while learning life skills and being encouraged to live where their dreams are actually a reality.

Girls Inc of Pinellas

Always on top of what the girls in their community need, including changing programming to fit what’s going on presently as well as care for before and after school – and doing so in such an uplifting and empowering way! Built into their mission is Reproductive Health education (you know that’s my soft spot!)

Pre-Conception Peer
Educators, USF chapter

These students take their role of educating about Sexual and Reproductive Health seriously and love to be aware of what’s commonly taught as well as what’s also impacting them to encourage mindful health considerations prior to conceiving. By doing this, they’re impacting the health of mothers and the children they bring into the world!

Make A Wish Foundation
South Florida

Wanting to give kids with chronic illness the chance to have one wish come true, this organization does some beautiful work in making this happen. From being a desired Cowboy to a pimped out room to meeting their fave chef, the people with this Foundation truly makes it priority to grant the wishes these children so desire. Love granting wishes for these kiddos!