Playground Vision and Culture

Playground Vision and Culture

The Vision and Culture


Immerse yourself in the Integrated Healing Playground. Your sanctuary for you to come play


It’s not just for recess…it’s everyday! The Integrated Healing Playground is your place for you to experience Spirit, Mind and Body Healing through activity and play.


Sit back and let your imagination run wild. You’re in a place where what you may be experiencing Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually are all connected. By shifting perspectives, you learn there’s much more to your life than you’d ever imagined.


Your Healing is a process where it’s really an adventure where you’ve got tools all around you that are there to foster the process of growing and developing where you feel more Whole.


Your being in your Wholeness is freeing and feels like home to you. It’s your natural state.


Your health symptoms and conditions have become your BFF’s because you’ve taken your experience with them and developed a relationship with your Self that’s stronger at each phase of your life.


Your time on the Playground opens your Eyes, Heart and Mind to other possibilities involved in your Healing – challenging what you may not have even realized was limiting your growth.


In this shift, you’re feeling much more W


Have fun with Integrated Healing.


On the playground, there’s only one rule:




Risk everything you know as of now

Expecting nothing but change as you are

Curious about the Personal Healing journey you’re experiencing

Respecting the process, yourself and others

Exploring Perceptions, Perspectives and Possibilities

Actively participating in integrating your Spirit, Mind and Body

Trusting that you’re ______ 

Expanding yourself with Clarity, Compassion and Consciousness


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