The Vision and Culture

Let your hair down, let loose, come as you are!

You may be used to getting things “just right” otherwise it’s hard to move forward. Or, you’ve got your systems (or desired plan of systems in place) and it just throws you off when there are changes. Perhaps you’ve even seen where you may procrastinate thinking there’s got to be more. Are you hard on yourself and maybe others when things are not going the way you intended?

Giiiirl, I see you! I peep the game. That’s Perfectionism that’s just peeking its way through. It’s nothing to change, hide or “recover” from. It’s your superpower!

Let me ask you…

On top of all of this, are you feeling disconnected, unfulfilled, anxiety, digestive issues, depression, menstruation disturbances, improper sleep or any other health conditions throwing their hat in the game, too?

Yeah? Thought that might be happening. And, it’s allll good! The thing is that you may be misusing your Power of Perfection. The Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical symptoms are just calling your attention to retreat, reassess and realign so that your authentic Self comes out shining!

The beauty is that you can use your Power of Perfection to create the life you’d like to live. You can do this in a more harmonious way where your Spirit, Mind and Body are more connected. When you’re able to shift your perspective about those messages you’re receiving, you can Be who you are – unapologetically.

You’ll see that you’re not meant to “fit in.” The way you shine is yours and yours alone. That means you may need some help in interpreting these messages you’re getting as you embrace your Whole Being and that’s cool! You’ve got support in doing so!

Let your hair down, let loose, come as you are!

Immerse yourself in the Integrated Healing Playground for Perfectionists

Your sanctuary for you to come play

It’s recess…everyday! The Integrated Healing Playground is your place for you to experience Spirit, Mind and Body Healing through play.

Sit back and let your imagination run wild. You’re in a place where what you may be experiencing Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually are all connected. By shifting perspectives, you learn there’s much more to your life than you’d ever imagined.

Your Healing is a process where it’s really an adventure where you’ve got tools all around you that are there to foster the process of growing and developing where you feel more Whole.

Your being in your Wholeness is freeing and feels like home to you. It’s your natural state.

Your health symptoms and conditions have become your BFF’s because you’ve taken your experience with them and developed a relationship with your Self that’s stronger at each phase of your life.

Your time on the Playground opens your Eyes, Heart and Mind to other possibilities involved in your Healing – challenging what you may not have even realized was limiting your growth.

Here at the Playground, it’s up to you! Choose your Adventure and trust that you’re supported and guided as you walk (or frolick!) in your Personal Healing Journey.

So, have fun…and Rock Your Perfectionism As You Align Your Spirit, Mind and Body While You Uncover the Potential in Learning About Yourself – PLAY!

Choose Your Adventure!

The Journey is yours and there are options available to support you wherever you are.

Engrained in what’s offered on the Playground are these Beliefs and Intentions:

Clarity – Every experience is an opportunity to learn, grow and evolve into the next version of her Self with a different perspective and strengthening the relationship with her Self

Compassion – Every experience fosters allowance and acceptance for Self to Be as she is; this, in turn, will resonate affecting others

Consciousness – Every experience heightens awareness of her Self and encourages mindful Being in connection to the Greater Whole

Perfection – Every experience is in Divine Timing and Perfect As Is (Self and Circumstance) trusting the Process and her Journey