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Curious about connecting with me in the Perfect PlayGround? Thanks for checking me out and entertaining the possibility of me joining you in your Holistic Healing Journey!

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Here are a few things you may have seen me mention in person, or online somewhere. Made it easy for ya to do a bit more diggin’ and research as you choose what you’d like to do for your Holistic Healing. Check them out below!

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De'Nicea Here!

Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Holistic Well-Being Consultant

Play-tabulous to meet ya! As I’d been working with Women over the years, I saw the impact on Women’s Health when only focusing on symptoms and conditions without consideration for the Whole Being. So, now I create Playful Healing Spaces that bridge the Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical aspects to Heal Holistically. 

So, whether Holistic Healing is brand new to you or you’re looking for a different perspective than what you’ve been doing, I’ve got you covered. All in all, the vision I see for Women is that you’re Healing in many dimensions and levels by connecting the dots (for Purpose and Meaning) using tools that’re fit FOR YOU and you see that it all begins with you Being just who You are – your Perfect Authentic Self.

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Everything that’s created to support you is infused with some playfulness. Why? Because…

Serious Healing Ain't Gotta Be So Serious

As you’re in the midst of trying to figure things out and get some understanding (and a hold!) on the symptoms and conditions you’re experiencing, TRUST where you’re guided and that what you need/are ready for will be there for you.

Appreciate you checking out what’s available for ya – wishing you many Perfect Playful Blessings!

Your Healing is a Journey...
Not a Destination

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