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Here at The Perfect PlayGround, you’ve got options! Thanks for checking me out and entertaining the possibility of me joining you in your journey to Discovering (and Being!) Your Perfect Authentic Self – while optimizing your Holistic Health!

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Here are a few things you may have seen me mention in person, or online somewhere. Made it easy for ya to do a bit more diggin’ and research as you choose your adventure to Discover (and Be!) Your Perfect Authentic Leadership Style – using the Whole Body to do so. Check them out below!

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You’ll see a mix here! Come PLAY with me.

Event hosts and managers invite me to create a playful experience for their audience where they’re invited to Playfully explore Perspectives that lights Pathways of Possibility and Potential in for them to activate inspired action as it relates to the intersection of Authentic Leadership and Holistic Health.

As you can imagine, this can show up in sooo many areas of our lives…and I find it so much fun to explore what may seem like ‘random’ experiences are actually showing people just how connected they are. And they get some easy-to-implement tips and tools for them to Discover (and Be!) their Perfect Authentic Self – while optimizing Holistic Health – with Clarity, Confidence and Compassion!

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*Special note: some events will still be listed here, even if after they’ve gone live; because there may be recordings available – so definitely check them out if you’re interested!

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De'Nicea Here!

Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Holistic Well-Being Consultant

Play-tabulous to meet ya! As I’d been working with peeps over the years, I saw a connection between the symptoms and conditions that were presenting were actually offering Wisdom and Insight as to who they are Authentically – so juicy and fun!

So, if you’re at this point of wanting to learn about who you are authentically, bringing meaning and purpose back into your life, but not quite sure where to go for direction, I got you! Look no further than your own Whole Body Self!

All in all, the vision I see for you is that you feel liberated to be Your Perfect Authentic Self – filling the space in the Collective that only YOU can fill…and you get to Play along the way.

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Tools to Re-Source

Here are some Tools for you to Re-Source (aka come back to Source…meaning your Core Essence.) These curated Tools are to facilitate the journey for you to realize you’re Whole, Complete – Perfect!

Watch, have a listen and shop around to your Heart’s content as they’re filled with Wisdom, Insight and Tips that you can use TODAY.

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Guest Features

Everything that’s created to support you is infused with some P.L.A.Y. Why? Because you activate the…

Potential in Learning About Yourself

Get it? See the acronym? Hehe. As you’re in the midst of trying to figure things out and get some understanding (and a hold!) on the symptoms and conditions you’re experiencing, TRUST where you’re guided and that what you need/are ready for will be there for you.

Matter of fact, they’re offering wisdom and insight as to who you are Authentically…and I’ll be happy to show ya.

Appreciate you checking out what’s available for ya – wishing you many Perfect Playful Blessings!

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