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Unlock Your Perfect Creative Potential in Harmony With Your Menstrual Cycle [Experiential Workshop]

July 23, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Your menstrual cycle may seem like a nuisance at times – I get it. But, have you ever thought that it needed to throw a temper tantrum to get your attention? In this Experiential Workshop, you’ll learn that you and your Cycle can be BFF’s on the PlayGround (and everyone’s gonna want in!) As you explore the four primary phases of your Cycle, you’ll learn:

  • The holistic function and intention of each phase
  • Which life activities to focus on during each phase
  • Keys signs of each phase that you’re out of alignment

Experiential Workshop is exclusive benefit for Re-Creation Center Members. See email for access link to the Workshop.

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About Experiential PLAY Workshops:

Immerse yourself in a Live Experiential Workshop where you’ll engage in playful, focused activity where you’ll raise awareness around a concept that’s playing a role in your current healing state, then learn strategy to apply what you’ve just experienced into your every day life so that you may playfully continue your Personal Healing Journey with increased Clarity, Compassion and Consciousness.  (*Recordings made available for members.)

About the Re-Creation Center:

Membership to Explore, Experience and Evolve Your Perfect Authentic Self! Equip yourself with insights, inspiration and tips that encourage YOU to be your #1 Resource for your Healing Potential.

Dubbed the Re-Creation Center because it is space where all is perfect and you embrace the Creator in You! You’re actively creating every day, whether it’s unconscious or conscious…it’s happening. Your body is changing all the time, so why not incorporate something that’ll guide you in setting up the environment that’s conducive to what you’d like to create?

Learn about the cues from your Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical Health that let you know when you’re not using your Perfectionism appropriately and are invitations for you to grow with different themes for activities, workshops and events. Receive tools and tips that you can use whenever anything Spiritual, Emotional, Mental or Physical comes up.

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July 23, 2020
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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