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See ya at an upcoming Authentic Leadership and Holistic Health Fireside Q&A Chat
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So glad you you’re in for the Fireside Chats!

Let’s use this as a time to get out of your head (I know, I know…you’ve been thinking and thinking about it) and bring forth whatever’s coming up for you in navigating Relationshipswhether with your Self or others (personal and/or business) – that may be lending to Self-Doubt, Criticism and Sabotage.

Allow me to guide you through it and we’ll get to see what Wisdom the Whole Body Self may have to offer you.

The intention is that you get to see that it’s not about “fixing” you, we’re here to allow your Authentic Being to come through! We’re simply exploring ways to make it easier for you to do so – whether that’s an Internal or External Environment.

In a field of great Possibility and Potential, let’s see what comes up – and, THANK YOU for allowing me guide you!

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You’re invited to join the FREE online community for Leaders who’re Multipassionate, Introverted and/or an Empath.

It’s your spot to come hang out with others who’re in their journey of Discovering (and Being!) their Perfect Authentic Leadership Style – and using the messages of their Whole Body Self to do so. And, you’ll get tips and tools from me on strategizing and navigating Relationships (with the Self and others at home and business), too!

This community was created as space away from the primary social media platforms to be a safe, respite spot to jam out on what comes up in navigating your multipassionate, introverted empath leadership life.

What's happening at the Fireside Chats?

Even when it may be confusing or blurred, because you’re used to doing a lot for others (or even feeling others’ emotions and energy), we’ll:

"This is Your Journey Alone...But You Aren't Lonely"

Got some snacks to go with those questions? Perhaps some s’mores? Veggies? Tea?

Your Space, Your Questions

Think of this as your time to welcome the self-doubt, criticism and sabotage, because we’re gonna jam about what they’re telling you as it relates to your Authentic Leadership Style – with the intention of Leading Authentically in ALL areas of your life.

We’re gonna use the Fire to light up Potential and Possibilities for you – even amidst the darkness!

This is your time. Your time for someone else to see all the jumbled up goodness and reflecting it in a way that’s lovingly supportive and you can see is doable – by getting to know (and Be!) you at your Core first.

De'Nicea Here!

Authentic Leadership and Holistic Well-Being Consultant

Play-tabulous to meet ya! With a background practicing as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, I saw a beautiful connection between the way symptoms and conditions were showing up and the Authentic expression of how someone was leading in their life.

I’m on a mission for others to see there’s nothing “wrong” or gotta be “fixed” with you having multiple passions, being Introverted or even an Empath. Your Authentic Self is just wanting to express itself in the way you’re navigating Relationships – with your Self and others – and the body’s simply showing you what your unique style is.

So I get to welcome you to Playful, safe and #judgementfreezone spaces for you to get the Wisdom, Insight and Strategies in creating the internal and external Environments that support you to Discover (and Be!) your Perfect Authentic Self – so you can Authentically Lead in ALL areas of your Life with Clarity, Confidence and Compassion.

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These chats are meant to be a laid-back convo about your Authentic Leadership with a Holistic Health twist. And, at the same time, here’s a

Special note about the Fireside Chats

Fireside Chats are not to be misconstrued as medical advice and are for educational and entertainment purposes only. Your participation in Fireside Chats does NOT mean you’ve become a patient of De’Nicea’s or Hilton Holistic Health and Wellness. There is no assessment or diagnosis made, and you’re encouraged to speak with your healthcare provider about anything you’re looking for (Yes, De’Nicea can become your Consultant and provider in certain cases – feel free to ask about it!)

Unable to make it live?

There is such potency when attending live, rich with the ability to go back and forth with what’s coming up at that time. With that being said, I totally get that the live chats may not work with your schedule right now and yet you may still have some questions or need some support. I got you, boo!

When you RSVP or sign up for the alerts about upcoming Authentic Leaders’ Fireside Chats, you’ll be notified of future ones that may work better for your schedule.

And if you’d like to SEND me a voice message on my website with a question (look at the right), REPLY to a reminder email, feel free to do that and I’ll try my best to answer with what I get as I’m listening to your question.

See Ya at the Next Chat!

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