UnSlumber Party! Day Retreat

Spring into your perfect(ion)

Saturday, April 20, 2024 at 10am EST

It's Time to UnSlumber...Retreat to Awaken

You’ve been stung by the bug…the bug nudging you to get to know who you are Authentically – AND to express that in ALL areas of your life.

Bring Your Wholeness Together

Whoo! Imagine this life where you’re Being just as you’re meant to be, bringing in ALL aspects of who you are. 

Feeling free from the urge to “overcome” things like self-doubt, criticism, sabotage (and all its cousins!) You realize this is a part of your Life Experience – and that’s it’s actually more about navigating life when these situations pop up…aka your Response-ability: your ability to respond.

This removes any denial of aspects of your Self into embracing all aspects of your Self. You see, your life is a Journey and it’s in allowing your Perfect Authentic Self (and your Perfect Magick Glitter to shine!) that you’ll experience Clarity, Confidence and Compassion.

And while this may be a lil’ like “whaaaat? How am I gonna do that?” We got you, boo!

Elements to the Process


Many run around in circles in the Discovery aspect – I get it, it’s fun! Fun to learn all the different modalities out there, trying them out, learning more and more. Yet, may get a lil’ overwhelming or confusing while there a bit too long on that Island of Perfect(ion) Adventure.


It’s the Being stage, where you get to actually experience what you Discover. Where you integrate it into your Life, into your Being. This is where you reeeally get to feel it and see what it’s like putting into practice what you’ve learned about your Self.


Next up is the Environment. This is both internal and external (I know, I know…the whole shebang!) We’re in response to our Environment all the time…and on the many consciousness levels, so how cool is it that you can be intentional about the quality of your Environment and creating it so that it fosters your desire of Discovering (and Being!) your Perfect Authentic Self?!

Pretty fantastical, isn’t it?

And, with that…let’s introduce a chance for you to Retreat to Awaken to the Possibilities and Potential for you as you intentionally use Tools that support you in coming into your Wholeness and Completeness – your Perfect(ion)

Let's UnSlumber!

In this day retreat, you’ll get to Play in a variety of Excursions (it is a Journey after all, right?) guided in using Tools that facilitate you coming into your Whole Perfect Being.

These Excursions are facilitated by people who actually believe the power is WITHIN and not with the Tool, but rather the Tool is just that: a way to be able to learn aspects of your Self so you’re truly empowering from within.

You get to see that you’re not “broken,” “need to be fixed” or “weird.” You’re YOU.

In All Your Perfect Glitteriness!

There are so many pathways in doing this and it’s whatever tickles your fancy and is calling you at this time! You’re asked to simply open your Self to experience a pathway and observe what comes up for you as you Discover more of you are Authentically, get strategies to set up the internal and external Environments so that you may Be that more and more…and more.

As you do this, you’ll get to experience Richer Relationships – where those blurred lines begin to be more clear as to who you are and your desires vs. others, reclaiming trust in yourself along the way!

The Journey to the expression of your Perfect Authentic Self can be daunting or even scary AND it can be filled with curiosity and an adventure – just sprinkle in some Purpose, Passion and Play…and you’ve got the makings of a beautiful relationship with your Self and others oozing love and grace.

Your Excursion Facilitators

Meet the perfectly curated UnSlumber Party Excursion Session Guides

Here are your peeps that’ll be guiding you in an experience with a Tool that you may use that fosters Discovering who you are Authentically, get strategies to set up the internal and external Environments so that you may Be that more and more.

We’re infusing Purpose, Passion and Play with these Excursions to provide different perspectives to facilitate this process, as well as Tools you may whip out as you navigate life connecting the many aspects of you…with the intention that you may Be your Perfect Authentic Self in ALL areas of life.


De'Nicea Hilton Harper

Holistic Authentic Leadership Consultant

PXL_20230923_185207539 - Eir

Eir Atla

Medical Astrologist

Dena Headshot - Dena Hurst

Dena Hurst

Certified Medical Qigong Practitioner and Master Face Reader

IMG_20240207_173137_100 - Awakening Mass Meditations (1)

Nicole Gibbs

Meditation Guide, Sounding Healing, EEG Technologist

IMG_7981 - Jodie Locklear

Jodie Locklear

3x Certified Numerologist + Coach

Cris Greer Head Shot - Cris Greer

Cris Greer

Creator of My Healthy Life Box and Host of the Grounding Journey Podcast

action shot of writing - Andrea Mai

Andrea Mai

Writer of Light ~ Author of 17 Books ~ Podcaster ~ Pure Light Bookshoppe Founder

nina hermann headshot

Nina Hermann

Self Healing Empowerment Guide

Excursion Session Descriptions

Toggle open each one to learn more about their Excursion Session they’ll be guiding you in, and their gift to you in the Party Bag – woot woot!

Excursion: Mini-Play Realizing Purpose, Passion and Play

Thoughout the day, De’Nicea will introduce mini-moments of playful activities where you’ll get to see Potential and Possibility for you in your Journey in Discovering (and Being!) your Perfect Authentic Self. Each mini-moment is an infusion of Purpose, Passion and Play using the Whole Body Self…which can be repeated whenever you need that lil’ reminder of just how Perfect you are!

Excursion: Healing Through the Cosmos

Ready to unlock the secrets of Cosmic Health and Wellness? Ready to know how your body is designed to function and how best to support it through the changing transits in the sky? Then look no further than Medical Astrology and AstroNutrition! Medical Astrology is an ancient tool that helps you see inside your body on a Cosmic level.

By determining your Cosmic Blueprint you can see exactly how YOUR body is designed to work, you can know how best to support it throughout your healing journey. You’ll walk away with a sense of wonder, fulfillment, and learn to love yourself like never before. You are Cosmically designed to be exactly the amazing person you are! Let me show you!

Excursion: Stones from Another Mountain

We will start the session with a moving restorative meditation practice to help you connect physical, energy and spirit bodies. We will then tap into your inner power and practice a healing and protection meditations that can help you center yourself and draw on your natural inner strengths whenever you feel overwhelmed, out of sync, or like there’s too much turbulence around you.

Excursion: ‘The infinite possibilities of stepping into the new version of me!’ Guided Sound Meditations

What could be possible for your soul if the sky is the limit? By the end of the sessions spread throughout the day, master the frequencies of courage, sparking your souls purpose to starting your new life, with intention and passion

Excursion: Numerology Quest: Unleash Your Energetic Superpowers

Step through the cosmic gateway and discover your numerology code and your unique energetic superpowers that lie within. Through a guided meditation, you’ll connect deeply with your superpowers, fueling a radical self-belief that transforms you from the inside out.

Next, you’ll craft a personalized power mantra to anchor this newfound confidence, empowering you to radiate with authenticity, joy, and abundance. This session promises not just insight, but a profound transformation, leaving you ready to embrace your cosmic potential and manifest your dreams with clarity and purpose.

Excursion: The Chakra Journey: Awakening Vitality and Awareness

Let’s explore the dynamic world of chakras together! How much do you know about these energy centers within you? Perhaps you’ve encountered them in your yoga sessions or during moments of meditation.

Now, it’s time to delve deeper. In our time together, we’ll embark on a conversation to understand the profound significance your chakras play in your spiritual journey. Together, we’ll uncover how using crystals color or even specific yoga poses can help raise your energy by clearing stagnant energy from these energy centers. Join us as we unlock the secrets of the chakras and discover how to elevate your energy using yoga, meditation, the energetic properties of crystals and other tools. Get ready to explore new dimensions of vitality and awareness.

Excursion: Soul Scriibblin’

What is the message in your heart that longs to be shared? Who is the You that longs to be heard and seen now? It’s time to write and find out. Bring pens and paper, and come play (yes, play!) Whether you write stories or grocery lists, you’re in good company.

Excursion: Abundance is Your Birthright

Our emotions are our bodies best guess to what we are feeling. Move the emotions aside and lets remove that feeling that has been lingering and you want to get rid of it and replace that icky feeling with something that you really want!

Your UnSlumber Party Experience

With your reservation to the UnSlumber Party , you'll:

When you reserve your spot for the UnSlumber Party , you’ll receive an email confirmation with the link inside to join us live that day. And, if you’re not able to join the whole day or wanna try all the different sessions, you’ll get access to recordings!

P.S. If you don’t receive the confirmation, please email hellothere@deniceahilton.com

UnSlumber Party Registration Fee

$ 333 (or two payments of $166.50, two weeks apart)
  • Retreat day of Excursions to experience a variety of Tools
  • One (1) week access to private channel on the Perfect PlayGround (not on Facebook)
  • One (1) week access to recordings
  • Party Bag O'Goodies

I'm De'Nicea Hilton Harper

Meet Your Hostess with the Mostest

Heya – what a pleasure to meet you and thank you so much for considering me to join you in activating some quick changes in your life.

One of the big things I learned with a history in practicing as a Doctor of Eastern Medicine is that there are messages coming from the way the Whole Body presents itself – offering insights into who you are as your Authentic Self. And from there, I could see people had desires for themselves but may not have thought it was possible or even what kind of internal and external Environments could support them.

On The Perfect PlayGround, it’s a safe, #judgementfreezone for your inner desires to come out and where we call in and use all aspects of you – Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally and Physically – to create your unique pathway for your desires to come to life. Where you see that in ALL areas of your life, you can be your Perfect Authentic Self – with Clarity, Confidence and Compassion.

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Prepare for Your UnSlumber Party!

As with any UnSlumber Party!, it’s a “Retreat to Awaken” so use this checklist to prepare for our time together.

  • Registration/Check-In – begins at 9:30am EST and we’ll get started at 10am EST. A waiting room is enabled to cross check for those who pre-registered, so please allow time for that to happen and welcome you into the room.

  • Retreat “Venue”: The Perfect PlayGround You’ll register through the Perfect PlayGround for the UnSlumber Party! Once registered, you can access event information via the portal and even download the ‘Practice Better’ app for even more convenience. This is where announcements and any other information will be housed.

    Go through the on-boarding which includes medical disclaimer, agreements, etc.

  • Zoom – We will be using Zoom and this is done via VIDEO (can’t be an UnSlumber Party without seeing each other!) Desktop is highly recommended so you’re not holding your phone throughout our time together. You will be doing activities so would want to have your hands free to do them AND to use the computer for research and such.

    We’re friendly to those that may not wanna be on camera, too! There will be chat box to 

    You’ll see the link to join within private channel on The Perfect PlayGround and the Practice Better app for this particular event’s section. Also, you’ll get email and app reminder notifications (if you downloaded the app.)

  • Journal and Colored Pens/Pencils/Markers – have these handy so you may use during some of the exercises and to jot down any notes or questions you may have as you go through the process

Let's Retreat to Awaken

In a day (with 7-day support), experience Tools to facilitate coming into your Wholeness - your Perfect(ion) - infused with Purpose, Passion and Play!