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What is Period Bypassing™?

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What is Period Bypassing™?

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There is a woman that grows up where:

As a child, she didn’t feel like she wasn’t being heard, listened to or validated for what she was feeling in her body and about herself when seeking help.

As a teenager, she kept pushing along going with the crowds or being pushed by her parents doing what they were doing or thought she should be doing because she didn’t feel confident enough to express what she’d rather be excelling at.

As a woman, she’s having difficulty being present in school and/or work because her life is always being disrupted doing things for others because she felt like she was “supposed” to or didn’t know how to say she didn’t want to do things.

Maybe even she’s desiring or not desiring to expand her family and has no idea when the time is that she’s most fertile.

And, really, now she’s so fed up with her cycle that she’s ready to get the recommended hysterectomy.

She’s only in her mid-30s.

What’s really happening is that she’s experiencing a life being done TO her, rather than FOR her.

In this very same life, she may be experiencing:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Low self-confidence
  • Low self-awareness
  • Low self-acceptance
  • Low self-love
  • High performance anxiety
  • High yes-ability
  • High approval seeking
  • High stress


She gets to a point where she begins to see and admit that she’s not happy with where she’s at and then proclaims, “I have no idea how I got here!”

One thing she most likely did not learn or was misinformed about was about her menstrual health.

Because of this, she went along in life thinking her:

  • Irregular and painful periods
  • Heavy or prolonged bleeding
  • PMS
  • Fertility challenges
  • Sometimes no bleeding

Were “normal,” when, really, they were signs from her menstrual cycle of the state of her Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health.

Begin to Learn the State of Your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual through the Lens of Your Menstrual Cycle
You see, based on what I described earlier that she experienced in her life, she didn’t realize that she began to accept going with the “norm” in many areas of her life or not being listened to as others made decisions for her or even make choices that were to the detriment of her overall health and well-being. Meanwhile, she’s moving along passively and feeling fragmented trying to fill the void. The void is the lack of Holistic Menstrual Health Education. This void is the missing piece of her learning about, embracing and embodying the TOTALITY of her. What she experienced throughout her life (let me recap real quick):
  • Low self-esteem
  • Low self-confidence
  • Low self-awareness
  • Low self-acceptance
  • Low self-love
  • High performance anxiety
  • High yes-ability
  • High approval seeking
  • High stress

Are the effects of Period Bypassing™.

Period Bypassing™ is the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Harm done when there is lack of or miseducation of Holistic Menstrual Health.

This is often done for Comfort, Convenience or Control.

Period Bypassing™ occurs everywhere and, as you can see, from a very young age. All are affected by it. They just don’t know it.

Listen to Period Bypassing™ Podcast

For More In-Depth Insight and Menstrual Health Education

This is what De’Nicea has observed to be happening and was the underlying reason to why we see so many issues with:

  • Teen and Women’s Mental Health Status
  • Late diagnosis or misdiagnosis of Menstrual Cycle Conditions (e.g. infertility, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, PCOS, amenorrhea, painful periods, heavy bleeding)
  • Treatment and care plans lacking full disclosure of effects

Due to the lack of education and miseducation of Holistic Menstrual Health, she may not have realized the impact the:

  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • App and Technology Industry
  • Menstrual Product Industry
  • Parenting
  • Cosmetics Industry
  • Leadership Training Industry
  • Legislation
  • Education Industry
  • TV and Movie/Film Industry
  • Social Media Industry

May have had, has and will have on her throughout her entire life. 

She didn’t learn that her menstrual cycle experience could be related to her:

  • Long-term hormonal birth control use
  • Conventional menstrual product use
  • Cosmetic and personal hygiene product use
  • Eating certain foods and drinking certain beverages
  • Familial or ancestral linkages
  • Social relationships
  • Past physical, mental, emotional traumas

De’Nicea’s on a mission of shedding light on this silent epidemic that is Period Bypassing(™) encouraging people to transcend it through Educating, Embracing and Embodying Holistic Menstrual Health.

Have a Flow-versation about Period Bypassing™ and Holistic Menstrual Health

This model encourages her to go internal and become aware that she’s unique in her own right (and her cycle shows it!)

When girls, teens and women learn about and sync with her Menstrual Cycle, she begins to live her life making decisions coming from a place of her Inner Being – aware of what she needs as support in her life and confident in communicating that. She’s creating a life from the inside-out rather than the outside-in.

Learn About and Sync With Your Cycle

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