Playfully Yours

Adventure awaits just around the corner...or is it?

About “Playfully Yours”

Your Personal Healing Journey is right now and right in front of you. You’re experiencing it every day. And, it’s your relationship with your Self and your healing that shapes your experience.

“Playfully Yours” is a blog inviting you to “Roll the Dice” (see that game right there? Hehe!) to get Insights, Inspiration and Tips for your Spirit, Mind and Body fresh off the Integrated Healing Playground!

Through P.L.A.Y., you get to see your
Potential in Learning About Yourself.

Your Potential is beyond what you know now. It is your Potential in your growth, your Potential in your health state, your Potential in possibilities, and more!

As you’re reading these notes from De’Nicea, put on those stylish glasses of Curiosity, and get ready to Discover, Explore and Experience your Personal Healing Journey where you come to Be in your Wholeness – all while using Play along the way!

So happy to have you in the Integrated Healing Playground and thanks for allowing me to take part in your Personal Healing Journey.

Playfully yours,


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