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It's all fun and games until healing is involved...or is it?

Inviting audiences to the flow-asis anywhere she speaks, De’Nicea creates a space for girls, teens and women to believe they can be themselves – allowing their Authentic Whole Beings to shine. To walk around exuding confidence and love for themselves.

Audiences go quiet and jaws drop when they learn that what they’ve been perceiving and taught about menstrual health has been misleading…filled with myths about “normal” periods (vs. what’s healthy), fertility conditions or even the callous use of birth control. 

Creating the circumstances where she’s grown up to be internally dissociated and fragmented, mental development stunted and passively allowing things to control or be done to her. Unfortunately, these are the effects of Period Bypassing™.

De’Nicea takes her on a journey of loving and accepting who she is, gaining confidence and awareness of herself. From that space, her world expands and she feels like she’s flowing home – to herself.

Your audience is given Inspired Action Steps she can implement that day to increase self-awareness and confidence to begin to consciously create a life experience that’s done FOR her instead of TO her. By being guided into embracing and embodying the totality of who she is, she realizes her power. 

The power in the ability to lead with her natural rhythms, establish healthy boundaries and integrate herself to expressing her Whole Being. And, to think this all started with reframing her perception of her menstrual cycle…

There Are Many Experiences at the Perfect PLAYGround to Meet You Where You Are and Guide You to Embrace, Embody and Express Your Perfect Self!

Most Common Topics of Flow-versation

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All of these topics of flow-versation can be modified to fit the time in your agenda as well as the needs of your audience. While these are the most common topics, if you need something else, allow me to create a custom journey experience for your audience.

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