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Your Menstrual Cycle Symptoms Are Messages From You

Playfully Yours

Your Menstrual Cycle Symptoms Are Messages From You

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As your Menstrual Cycle was introduced to you, what were you told?

I’ll give you a few seconds…

Got it?

Ok, good.

From what I hear, most are told to mark the days of bleeding, they’re a woman now or maybe nothing at all.

Meanwhile, you go on to have a Cycle starting every month (or inconsistently.) You may or may not have any unfavorable symptoms. If you did, then you may have talked with your parent or guardian and (s)he may tell you it’ll be just a few days or you’ll go see a doctor if it’s really bad.

In which case, you may be given pain pills, birth control, blood (because, hey, we know some are really heavy bleeders) and then released to be on your merry way.

…Until next time.

Throughout this whole introduction, talks and visits, not one person may have actually evaluated you or your Cycle for what’s going on throughout the whole Cycle.

Probably wasn’t even considered. So you continue to grow up disconnected from your Cycle – something that may be dreaded every month. Referring to it as another name. You know, something like the Red Devil, She Devil, Red Tide, Aunt Flow, and I’m sure you’ve got more to add. What really happens is you’ve disconnected not from your Cycle, but from yourself.

From this space, you know what you need and don’t need throughout the Cycle:

  • For instance, from observing what happens during your Cycle, you have more cramping when you are eating foods high in carbs or sugar.
  • Or, you notice that you need a bit more space and time to yourself when you’re beginning to actively bleed.
  • Maybe you notice that when you’re hydrating yourself consistently, your fertile mucus quality is superb (not thick or smelly or non-existent!)
  • How’s about you see that your blood during active bleeding is bright red and flowing freely when you’ve incorporated more vegetables in your diet.
  • Perhaps you see that your intuition is on a high at certain points of your Cycle.
  • That spotting before your active bleeding…maybe you see it go away when you’re not eating raw or cold food throughout the month.
  • The severity of cramping has decreased upon learning about the lingering impact of past hurts and doing some work to transmute that energy to no longer have a hold on you.

All of these (plus more!) can be seen throughout your Cycle!

So, I ask you…

Shift your perspective of your Menstrual Cycle. Embrace it as part of you.

Begin observing what’s going in your Menstrual Cycle from one active bleed to the next.

Come from a loving and non-judgmental space. 

As you become aware, you’ll learn what you need to do for you to not only have a healthier Cycle but expressing a more Whole Being.

Should you desire some guidance into what you wanna be observing and logging, check out the Holistic Menstrual Health Mentorship. This is exactly what you’ll learn to begin your Holistic Cycle Syncing Practice. 

Playfully yours,


P.S. What’re some things you observed about yourself as you began seeing your Cycle as a messenger? Let me know below!

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