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What Does “Holistic” In Menstrual Health Really Mean?

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What Does “Holistic” In Menstrual Health Really Mean?

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People go looking for holistic approach, thinking that it means natural, but does it really?

Are you actually really ready to take on a holistic approach when you’re in your menstrual health or fertility journey?

After really understanding what it means, you’ll find that many are actually not ready to take this approach; and that’s ok!

You’d have to be in a position to at least be open to it.

Serious changes and evolution can occur for those who choose to take care of their menstrual cycle condition or fertility challenges in this way.

While it can be scary, it is possible. Taking a holistic approach can be scary for several reasons. 

We’re evolving Beings. And the beauty of this approach is that it honors you in being one.

And, guess what…Just for getting to this point of this Flow Note, you’re a different person.

Heeeeeey – Nice to meet you!

So, you know, since you’re in the Flow-Asis, I’m gonna let you know what I mean when I say “holistic.”

Physical meaning the actual body itself.

Mental meaning the way you think. This includes the mind.

Emotional meaning the way you feel and process emotions.

Spiritual meaning the way you connect to others outside of yourself (can be other Human Beings, God, Universe, Spirit, Allah, Mother Earth, Goddesses, whoever!)

Looking for a holistic approach to
learning your menstrual cycle?


While we may be groomed to see each of these separately, they are most definitely connected.


You are a WHOLE Being.


You manipulate or change one, and you’re changing the others.

That’s just how we are built.

Personally, I think it’s rather flow-tastic because when an issue presents itself, I’ve got options!

When deciding to employ a holistic approach towards Menstrual Health, beginning with one aspect may be a lot easier than beginning with another. 

“But, what is the best way?” you ask…

My answer is simple: Whichever works for you!

And, because you’re a cyclical Being, it may be physical one day and then mental approach another. 

Then, next week, spiritual. Or even emotional.

So try not to cling to which way is the best, because they all are. And, you may find it easier to use one approach at a certain time of your cycle than another.

Like I said, when working with one, you’re affecting the other and to really have more lasting change, you address the other aspect square on.

Different tools and strategies can be used for each of the aspects (as a reminder: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual) in regards to your concerns. Let me help you choose:

Deciding Which Route to Take

How do you choose which tool or strategy to start with when wanting to take a holistic approach to your menstrual or fertility health?

  1. Based on the HERE AND NOW, decide who do you want to be? What would you like to experience as you take each step in your life? Who is that? Visualize a picture.
  2. Become SELF-AWARE. You gotta know what’s going on with you right now in all of these aspects to even know what you need to Be who you’d like to be as identified in the first step.
  3. From the space of knowing more about yourself, IDENTIFY some tools and strategies that will help you move closer to bringing the Vision of you to the present. Taking one small step will create a ripple effect. Get some ideas in the Holistic Menstrual Health Mentorship.
  4. Implement just ONE tool or strategy consistently for 29.5 days. (Yeeeeah…that’s the “average” length of a cycle and the actual lunar cycle…haha!)
  5. Record what happens along the way! Take a review of this new version of you. Are you closer to Being the person you visualized in Step 1? If so, repeat this! (Including Step 1) Use the Flow·ology Planner + Journal to see your progress.

But, De’Nicea, why are we repeating Step 1?

You’re An Evolving Being

Beeecause, you’re a different person than when you started! So, this person may want to make some changes to the person you’d like to Be and the life you’re experiencing may be different.

What I love about this process is that it honors that we’re dynamic Beings. Things are changing in and around us constantly.

Remember, the only constant is change. (Shout out to Heraclitus!)

So remain flexible and enjoy the ride…you never know what you may learn about yourself along the way.

If you’re looking for more specific ways to really sync with your cycle holistically, join the Holistic Menstrual Health Mentorship. You’ll be guided by me along the way of learning more about yourself and who you’d like to Be – authentically and Whole – as you learn to use the cycle as your guide.

Flow-liciously yours,


P.S. Comment below and let me know below who you’re choosing to Be and what you’d like to experience.

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